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Old 07-29-2012, 06:19 PM   #21 
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Housing a male with a number of females is relatively easy - as long as the male is not too docile nor vicious. He will attack the females during the first few hours to a day but eventually he will calm down. IME the key is that he must constantly come in to contact with the females - the more females the better. Eventually he will tire and calm down. Without challenges nor being threatened, he will become docile.

But I have never succeeded housing males together without them fighting. A stressed "chicken" can be housed together and young males that hasn't been separated. But I will always have torn fins. And once they're taken out, say to breed, I can not put them back in the sorority with males.
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Results of silk left over night with micro worm and vinegar eels. Found some worms outside of the feeder. But still a tons more wiggling inside it after being left over night. Might have escaped because my son was playing with some blocks on the table I left it on. Knowing him he bumped the table and caused some worms to spill out.

I built a hybrid with silk and a different material with a small hole cut into the silk and then the hole covered up with the new material. It works but needs some modification to direct the worms towards the hole.
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I'm not a breeder and don't think I'll ever be able to but I just wanted to hop into this topic and tell you all how fascinating I find it. I love just how hard you all try to ensure your pairs and spawns are offered such natural environments - mimicing a storm?! That is downright incredible. I would tip my hat to you all but alas I am not wearing one.
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Old 08-01-2012, 10:05 AM   #24 
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Betta natural environment

Hey here is a pic showing what the bettas natural environment looks like. Look at all that tannin in the water and all the dead leaves and mud.
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So I was thinking what makes females so aggressive. I have had 2 females beat my males to hell and back. I'm wondering if the low oxygen levels in the natural environment makes them a bit more docile. The breeding tanks I have are well filtered and oxygenated. Perhaps this is problem.

I have an Aunt who is a vet and she uses alka seltzer to sedate fish before surgery. The carbon dioxide that is released basically knocks the fish out. Perhaps forcing the bettas to use their labyrinth organ will reduce aggressiveness. CO2 injection used for plants might create this environment artificially. Just some random thoughts.

Don't have a CO2 injector perhaps I will make one using a bottle with vinegar and baking soda and put a bubble stone at the end of the hose to saturate the water with CO2.
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IMO It's in their nature to be aggressive some females are like that. I put my females in jars and once when I put a female in the spawning tank she came close to killing my male.
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I know their are people concerned about comparing bettas in the wild and some of you may disagree to it but there is no way around the world that any place can stay 70-80F all year long and most breeders in Thailand don't use heaters and they bred fish all year long and it seems like their growing rate is twice as fast without using a heater I get my fishes from breeders in Hawaii cause its way cheaper than getting it in Thailand and its the same breeding technics
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Old 08-09-2012, 12:56 AM   #28 
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My outside bettas in 10 gallon tank still have not bred. 1 male 1 female in tank. Tons of oak leaves, water lettuce and duck weed. As the tannins made the water darker. They seemed to become more inactive just hanging at the surface hiding from each other and under some floating oak leaves.

I decided to try artificially mimicking rain. I used a small plastic take out container with small holes punched into it and poured 2 pitchers total into the container as it emptied. With in 30 seconds the 2 fish started moving around like crazy and the male started chasing the female and flaring at her. I think the fake rain really is a good trigger. I have tried adding water just by pouring it straight in. Perhaps the rain effect allows the fresh water to float on top and not mix fast with the bottom layer. The fish seemed to hang out in the first 2 or 3 inches of water near the surface.
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Found an interesting article regarding common tap water supply.
Can Birth Control Hormones Be Filtered from the Water Supply?: Scientific American

The article mentions that many fish species are affected by even the lowest levels of drugs or hormones found in water. Maybe some of us need to start using RO water to remove the hormones that might be affecting our fishes behavior when breeding. Some offspring are also found infertile when exposed to estrogen. These fish may have both male and female parts. Kinda makes me wonder why this halfmoon female I bought is blowing bigger a bigger bubble nest than most of my other males and I can barely see her ovipositor.
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