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Ammonia builds up quickly in dirty water, best thing first, is water changes, and do them on a regular weekly basis, for salt treatment, I would not use at this time, just keep up the w/c schedule, filmy substance is a protein buildup, from standing water, and lack of oxygen, if you can add an air stone it would help to oxygenate the water, and air out the stagnant material that sits..and do you have a thermometer, to make sure the temp is 77?

Re-read, and I noticed you said, change all the water but 1/4 --but will still need weekly changing waiting to do it only once a month will cause illness..

Bettafix is not going to help, could make it worse, stop using that, and just see how clean warm, water makes a difference.
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Originally Posted by twin View Post
no, I only add 1/4 of the old water to the 3/4 new water. I was told to always include some of the old water to bacterial you are saying not to add some of the old water to new water but instead do a 100% water change weekly??
You can do up to 90% change, leaving in little water in the tank to cover the gravel, then add the new conditioned water that is fine..but do 1- 50% like on Mon/ tues, then on the weekend, do your 90%, that is the schedule I have been doing and It works very well.
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ok, thanks again for all your help. : )
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Please flush your fish's toilet....notice I said "your fish's toilet" NOT flush your fish down the toilet...meaning please change his water at least 1x a week.

Next...what TYPE of filter do you use? One that creates a current is not a good idea...these fish are meant to be in water with NO current. A small sponge filter is fine.

Clamped fins could be do to water conditions. A 100% water change is fine...the secret is to NOT rinse the gravel out with tap water. I used "old" water from my 55g to wash the poo out of my Wet Pet's gravel. You do this to keep from killing the bacteria on the rocks. Also, IF you have to wipe the sides down...same thing...dont use tap water. IF you don't have a 55g like I do, then rinse with aged treated water....

Ragged fins are fin rot, the darting...could be velvet, the one that lays on the bottom...I'd put him down...I've never had one recover from that. He is just wasting away and will eventually starve to death. Most likely his internal are shutting down and this is the reason he isn't eating.

I hope your "darty" boy gets better though :D
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