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Eight hour drive moving ideas: Tupperware?

Does this plan sound like an OK idea?

I have two neon tetra, a platty, a black molly, a pleco, a betta fish, and a dwarf frog.

I have an equal number of little tupperware containers that hold twice the amount of water in your typical betta bag filled at 1/3 while STILL only being half full. So the air is 1/2 and the water is 1/2.

My mom plans to place each fish into these containers, which I will fill and set out the night before. I've told her to put the lid and shake shake shake BEFORE putting any fish in, to oxygenate the water. Then we are placing them all in a Styrofoam container which will be carried in the passenger seat of the car.

I've told my mom to check them maybe once or twice during the drive. If they appear to be gasping for breath, take of the lid, let some air get in there, replace lid.

I'll set up the tank right after they arrive. I have that solution you pour in to replicate a cycle.

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The Tupperware idea sounds grand! A note regarding cycle products though is that they don't instantly complete a cycle, they simply skip a few steps. Some don't work at all.

If you want to preserve your cycle as much as possible you can sit your filter media in a small bag filled with water, as long as it stays moist you should be okay. It may be worth adding the cycle product once your filter is back in place just to help replenish any bacteria lost. If you're able to test your water I'd suggest doing that for a few days after your tank is re-set up and do water changes accordingly.
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Kenny G
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Sounds great. I'm glad to see you have a plan and I think it's a great one. Best of luck
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