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the slime you mentioned is similar to the slime coat in fish. Apple snails will produce "mucous like" slime when there is something in the water that irritates then. It could be trace of something that was on your hands, or ammonia, nitrite/trate etc.

It is normal for them to be more active after night. The food... is hit or miss, of course mine were used to snacking on my pennywort.

They do prefer ph of 7.6 or higher. In lieu of that calcium supplements are helpful. Plain old calcium tablets (like you get in the vitamin section of a pharmacy) work well. Some people have used tums, but I just didn't think it was a good idea. High calcium foods work well. Blanched dark green veggies like romaine, vegetable greens... spinach. All high in calcium. has so much information on apples. I highly recommend it. They even have do it yourself recipes for making snail food or "snello" or snail "snax".
My snails never got to enjoy it, the girls snarfed it, and what they didn't get the shrimp went crazy for.
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I have requested to join and am looking into more tips for these guys. I love my snail so much. I had a scare today. I washed lettuce and gave it to him but he stopped moving and acted dead, so I got really scared and thought maybe the farmers used pesticide and it didn't all come off and it killed him. I cleaned his water, removed the lettuce, and he began moving again. He has been in his shell ever since floating like snails do but I still worry. I ran to the store and found algae wafers for him. I hope he eats soon.

What can I do to improve water conditions? He keeps sliming.
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I REALLY need help now. I think he's dying. I made a thread at about the problem:
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Keep food near him make sure the PH is below 8 above 7 make sure temp is tropical.
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