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Fussy Eaters?

I kind of want to strangle my albino kribs. I've spent tons of money on food for them. The first food I bought was Hikari Cichlid Gold. Well, they wanted to eat that, but they're still young so even the mini pellets I bought were too big for their mouths. So, fine. For a few days they got the TetraMin tropical flakes I was feeding the danios. In theory, those are fine. But the kribs are pretty shy and won't compete with the danios, so they just get whatever flake food gets passed the little pigs and I don't think that's enough to be a good staple for their diet.

So yesterday I went to the pet store to pick up some new foods that were a bit smaller for my cichlids. I got New Life Spectrum sinking pellets as well as Hikari carnivore pellets. But my kribs seem perfectly content to completely ignore both foods. -.- Right now all I can get them to eat is flakes, frozen brine shrimp, and frozen blood worms. First, all of those foods get attacked by my danios before getting to the kribs, so I'd be worried about whether they're getting enough. Also, the frozen brine shrimp isn't terribly nutritious and I really don't want to give the blood worms as a staple. I'm allergic to them and I have to be careful when handling them.

Any suggestions on getting my apparently fussy kribs to eat these pellets until they grow a bit and are big enough to handle the Hikari chichlid gold?
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I have a tank with guppies & least killifish. the killifish are super shy, so when I feed them, I feed the gupppies in one corner of the tank, and then the killifish just above their plant cover. That way both types of fish are able to eat in peace. :)
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