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Old 08-10-2012, 03:35 PM   #1 
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Two white spots.

I've noticed just two spots on my veiltail, though it doesn't have the mass of the ick pics I've seen. It actually just looks like loose scales from certain points of view. Any thoughts? He's perfectly fine, otherwise. Swimming and showing off his natural beauty, same grumpy pit bull face, flares at my phone when I try to take a picture, eats like a pig (including jumping out of the water for food)... So I'm just not sure here. He HAS been the most health-problematic of the bunch (swim bladder issues, fin rot, diving into the sink during a water change and then going into shock for an entire night... Oi.), but he seems fine.

Click image for larger version

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The two spots just above his gill there. (Ignore my finger. I had to distract him from my phone cover... )
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Ich would look like he was dusted with sugar. What size tank is he in? Any tankmates? When was the last water change & how big? Are there any deco's he could've injured himself on? Bettas are notorious for not knowing their own size & can try to go through too small openings, I watch one of my females force her way through one. I thought I was going to have rescue her, silly girl. In any case make sure your water is kept clean & most likely he'll heal up at least that's been my experience.
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2g, entirely alone, full change of water just less than a week ago (half changes weekly otherwise). I actually looked at him today to find one of the spots gone! So maybe it's just a random something.
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Old 08-16-2012, 02:36 PM   #4 
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Perhaps a loose scale, would be my best guess. The scales eventually grow back in though, so maybe one of them has. Just keep him in good clean water and keep an eye on him for a couple weeks :)
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