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Finallllly getting around to my 10g

I've had a 10g floating around for a few months, and I've been debating what to do with it. My four boys are all in 2.5g tanks, so if I halved the ten that would make my life a lot easier with the cleaning schedule... or I could halve it.. and get some more males... or try a sorority? I'm also debating what kind of filtration, does anyone use the Tetra Whisper 10i and is it nicely low flow? Oh and I had a random question, is there a benefit to having a filter an an air pump?
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homegrown terror
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a pump and airstone give a huge benefit in terms of oxygenating the tank water...not a huge issue with bettas since most of their oxygen comes from surface air, but still a nice thing to do...think of it as having a scuba tank instead of a snorkel. that said, if the flow is too fast it can disturb your betta, so if you put one in, watch him and see if he tries to actively avoid it, or has trouble swimming against the current, and you might want to take it out.

as to the original question: you could buy a matching 10gal and put them side-by-side divided so all four boys make a beautiful viewing gallery.
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I would divide it in half and take the two most active boys and give them the extra space. They will certainly enjoy themselves a lot more. Then keep the two 2.5s for hospital tanks, never know what will happen.

I prefer HOBs because it is less in the tank, also they usually have less problems in my opinion. An Aquaclear 20 would work great and had adjustable flow.
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