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Question Need help!!

well, when i clean my fish tank, i have to put my fish in a temporary home until im done cleaning it right? well, for that temporary home, i used the container my fish first came it (its small but its only for a little bit) well, now that container broke, so i dont know what to use D: i want to just use a container from my house, but im afraid that there might be soap residue on it and then my fish will get sick. what should i do? D:
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Grab anything, rinse it well and use it without worry.

I don't remove my fish but then I don't have anything smaller than a 5 gallon and I only do 50-60% water changes.
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I would only remove the Betta for 100% water to leave them in the tank for partials.....

Any container will work-small amounts of soap residue is usually not harmful, however, if you fear that it might...just give the item a rinse in vinegar to cut the soap residue-then rinse the vinegar really well before sure and use a cover of some type too.....
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Location: Knoxville, Tennessee could buy a new small bowl with a lid and put a couple of small holes in the top . I think some Pet shops like Petco, petsmart, etc. will give you a new one if you ask. Just be careful whatever you use rinse rinse and rinse and maybe sit it out in the sun to dry and rinse again.
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I have multiple water change contaners, like 1/4 gallons for the smaller tanks (I rarely use these because the smaller ones just get 100% changes) that I put my fish in, but it sounds liek you dont ave those. Just grab a cup from the cabinet, and fill it with tank water ^_^ I guess you can rinse it if you want.. I mean.. I also have a breeder box that I will sometimes put it in another tank and pt the fish there during a water change.
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