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Aquarium Salt.....any benefits in a betta tank?

Boy there sure is alot to learn in being a fish keeper. My latest moment of confusion is aquarium salt.

I couldv'e sworn I read somewhere that aquarium salt is beneficial to maintaining a healthy environment for a betta fish and its use helps ward off illness. Now, I cant seem to find that discussion. So whats the verdict on this? Is aquarium salt a must have with each water change, used only when a fish is sick, never used.

All feedback is appreciatted


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Canuck Fins
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Only use salt when your fish is sick and you are treating for something specific. It's not necessary to add every water change. Think of it as a medicine. Clean water with water conditioner is key! :)
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Aquarium Salt should not be used in your tank unless medicating. The limit of using Aquarium Salt is 10 days. Anymore than it's going to start hurting your Betta's labyrinth organ.
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Theres always been a bit of controversy on that as far as I can remember. Some say its necessary, others don't.

Over the years though, I've seen the general opinion shift over to the side of 'Not Really Necessary' with the argument(s) that these are still FRESHwater fish, not saltwater, many harmful bacteria will just build up a tolerance to the regular amount of salt(therefore defeating the purpose of the salt being a disease preventative), and more recently I've heard that aquarium salt used for an extended period of time can actually be harmful to your fish(I'm not positive about the specifics, but a few of the more experienced keepers here could tell you I'm sure).

Personally I don't bother with AQ salt on a regular basis and I never have. With all the controversy, it wasn't worth it to me to mess with it....and generally with a normal, healthy betta so long as I kept up with my regular maintenance I never had any issues.
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