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Yep, probably a missing scale, not ich.

From DarkMoon17
•Symptoms: One or both eyes will swell and bulge out. It in itself can also be a symptom of Dropsy.
•Treatment: Usually not fatal if treated, but your betta might lose an eye. Conservative: If the swelling is extreme then use ES first. Perform 100% daily water changes. You may be able to treat the popeye with just Epsom and clean water. However, if the swelling goes down but the eyes remain cloudy/white, then switch to Aq.Salt at 1tsp/gal or use medications. Do not combine Aq.Salt with medications but you can continue to use ES during medical treatments. Medication: If ES or Aq.Salt do not do the trick or it is a serious case of popeye, then combine the ES with API Tetracycline, API Fungus Cure, API General Cure, API Triple Sulfa, OR Mardel’s Maracyn."
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Seriously, huge thanks !!
I know i'm taking proper care of him, but dealing with health issues are still a very new thing to me.
(If i could have found a breeder to buy from around here, I would have bought straight from a breeder rather then a pet store).
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Hey, so i finally got his medication today ! API Melafix which treats Bacterial Infections and on the back it says it safely treats open red sores, fin and tail rot, eye cloud, pop-eye, body slime & mouth fungus and open body wounds.

Now the directions it says to remove the activated carbon (i'm guessing that's my filter cartridge) and use 5ml per 10 gallons for 7 days and after 7 days do a 25% water change. Continue treatment after 7 days if necessary.

So, am i not supposed to do any kind of water change in the next 7 days ? I get that i'll have to leave the cartridge out for the whole week long treatment, but should i leave the filter running(without the cartridge of course) for some aeration in the tank ?
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Hey guy's, I wanted to let everyone know that Bubbles the 2nd is doing just fine and made a full recovery, back to eating like a little pig, the cloudiness in it eye is gone, and the eye itself is, from what i see back to normal.
He did happen to chew off a little bit of his fin the day i got his medication, luckily not much. I'm hoping it will grow back and so far he hasn't chewed at it since that one time, so i'm hopeful.

I'm thankful that he's back to normal and in good health.
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