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Old 08-22-2012, 09:44 PM   #31 
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I always make sure I have the money before buying stuff, whether it's for me or my fish. I never have to buy any new tanks because I reuse the ones I have.
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Ditto Dramma Queen!
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Part of the agreement to taking home any animal whether its a rabbit or a fish is that you'll take care of it and take it's needs into account whether it's through compromise like say keeping your fish in a storage container or spoiling it rotten in a big luxury glass tank.
The pet must have a suitable amount of space and in suitable condition, the correct diet and the owner must have time for the pet to meet its needs (cleaning and feeding).
This could be very cheap or very expensive depending on how much the pet owner can afford to spend a month but the pet MUST have everything it requires no questions asked which includes accessories like the betta's heater.

If someone can't meet these needs, don't get a pet! not even a fish! not even an insect in a jar!
Planning should be put into the pet before bringing it home, not "that fish looks pretty, I'll take it and think about it's needs later"
It's better to think about the expense and accommodation BEFORE getting the pet.

I 'was' planning on getting a betta this month, his tank's been cycling for 2 weeks now, but I've had to hold off because my cat needed to visit the vet and his treatment is more important than a fish I don't have.
The pets I already have come first (: new additions can wait.

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The reason I adopted 3 rescue fish at one time is because I had two 5 gallon tanks up and already cycled with live plants and the previous owner had an 8 gallon tank with heater and filter plus a 2 gallon QT tank for sale I could use for the third fish. I knew I had proper equipment for 2 out of 3 fish and I knew I could afford the equipment for the 3 fish at the time I brought him home.

That's how rescuing/fish keeping should work! You either have the supplies for the fish already, you get all the supplies and then rescue the fish, or you get the fish and all the needed supplies at the same time. How are you going to have a fish before you have the tank? Bettas are hardy little guys, but you can't keep them in a drinking glass until your next pay check. I know people will say stuff like, "At least he had more than his cold little cup when he died," but that isn't a good thing. It's not a rescue if the fish simply dies differently.

I also hate when people don't take into account how much time is needed to care for each pet. For example, At the time I was getting my two 5 gallon tanks I had enough money to buy 6 of the Petco Bookshelf tanks from Petco, 6 nonadjustable heaters, 3 fake plants per tank, and 6 hiding spots. That being said, do I have 6 Bookshelf tanks? Of course not! I would run myself ragged keeping that many tanks clean, that many bettas healthy, and finding outlets for all those plugs. XD The money that could have gone towards 4 more tanks went towards upgraded filters, adjustable heaters, live plants, sand substrate, and proper lighting for plants for the two tanks I do have.

A lot of fish owners need to remember that even if they can get the money together, they need the time to keep the tank from falling apart. : /
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Here is what bothers me...
I know betta's should not have to live in anything under 1g, but somehow a 1g doesn't seem so bad to me, as long as you maintain the heater. I, mean, yeah, it's crowded, but as a semi temporary home, it seems fine to me. I am breeding, as some of you know, and that takes a lot of money. I have been raising money left and right, and just got 3 new tanks (YAAAY) off craigslist for 30 bucks total. One came with a heater and I got more plants than I could ever use. People whine and complain that stuff is too expensive, USE YOUR RECOURSES. Skip an eat out night and feast on Ramen for 2 or 3 nights, and BAM! tanks galore.
No, a 1g should not be a permanent home, but it is a good semi for QTs and illnesses.

Next Topic: Parents
I have a friend who got a betta for her birthday. He lived in a 2.5g tank, with plants and gravel. They kept him by the stove. See a problem there??! Then, after 1 or two months, he starting turning a dull color and just floating by the top. I urged her to get him a heater, but her parents said he was fine. I think that parents also need to step up and help, at least support. I'm not saying that all parents don't, but I also think that the reason a lot of teens/older, knowledgeable kids have trouble is becuase their parents don't know any better.
Not saying all parents are bad, many are FANTASTIC fish supporters. :)
My rant.
Please don't kill me for my opinions.
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Old 08-28-2012, 10:26 AM   #36 
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I agree, as long as its not life in a .3 gallon bowl with barely enough room to turn around, and decorations in there with 25% weekly changes and roots to eat... in a well maintained 1 gallon, most bettas (esp. splendens) will thrive.
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Thomasdog, as a person AND a parent, I can't tell you how much it really dismays me to see kids posting here whose parents have allowed them a betta but flat out refuse to also allow them the things they need to keep the fish healthy. Or if they do buy the bare necessities to keep it alive, they feel they have to whine about it, and make their child feel guilty for caring properly for a pet.

To me, that's just terrible neglect - and not only of the poor fish!

Some adults just need a good hard shake! I wonder how many of them don't think twice about spending money on junk food and other needless crap, but will whine about sparing 15 bucks for a heater or a decent sized tank..

Makes me go ...
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Old 08-28-2012, 11:13 AM   #38 
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Originally Posted by LittleWatty View Post
100% agree. Fish are cheap. Properly caring for fish is not.

I have spent over $1000 on my fish, and I'm proud of myself for doing so, even though its a lot of money. I have 4 established, large tanks between all of my fish. Each betta has at least 5 gallons, probably at least 6, and all have heaters, live plants, etc. I also have 4 extra tanks, and a few extra heaters, for quarantine. I'll probably even be spending more money over the next few months, as I have tank mates in with 3 of my bettas, and they have needs as well.

I stopped counting on how much I spent..and I am still going..just ordered tanks, for my girls, and after that I am quite finished..I have 5 and will not be able to take in any more..and will maintain the 5 I have, and keep them comfy cozy I have reached my limit~
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I have reached my limit at 3 I have to get a 2g tank for one of them the other will go to the divided tank will see who's the lucky guy who gets it.
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Originally Posted by Goldie2nd View Post
I have reached my limit at 3 I have to get a 2g tank for one of them the other will go to the divided tank will see who's the lucky guy who gets it.
Aww, who's the most active? I bet that one would like the divided ;)
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