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Question Is this bad

i got 2 male betta fish and one shiden got popeye and was like really close to death and the other one koe is fine but i got a divider with my fishtank thats made just for bettas and i think they figured out theres another fish there
thell look at each other and fin nip
ive had them both for a couple of weeks and they only started now
do you guys have a solution otherwise my(so i cant return them) plan b is another tank
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How big is your tank? IMO nothing less than 10g should be divided, but lots of people do it, in any case, if your divider is see through you will most likely continue to have the problem. This will cause the Bettas to be under constant stress which can lead to death for one or both of them. So you either need separate tanks away from each other or an opaque divider.
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What size is this tank made just for bettas? I'm guessing it's less than a gallon, so sharing it between 2 fish is not a good idea. If it's a couple of gallons, you can try to put a darker divider in, or put alot of plants next to the divider so they can't see each other. Oops. I guess shellieca put essentially the same answer. :)
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If the tank is under 1 gallon it's not even suited for one betta. A one gallon tank is the minimum size needed for a betta because it is hard to heat anything smaller than that. If it is a one gallon tank, I recommend getting either a larger (5+ gal) tank to divide or getting another tank for the second betta.
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Is it one of those plastic 1/2 gallon death traps? those are one of the worst possible environments for your bettas.

If one is sick, they might both get sick because they share the water.

Can you possibly get them into bigger tanks with heaters? IMO 2.5 gallons for each betta is the least but anything under 1 gallon for each betta is just ridiculous. They are tropical fish and should have a constant temp of 78-82 degrees F to thrive.

Once you seperate them, heres how you can treat the popeye...
•Symptoms: One or both eyes will swell and bulge out. It in itself can also be a symptom of Dropsy.
•Treatment: Usually not fatal if treated, but your betta might lose an eye. Conservative: If the swelling is extreme then use ES first. Perform 100% daily water changes. You may be able to treat the popeye with just Epsom and clean water. However, if the swelling goes down but the eyes remain cloudy/white, then switch to Aq.Salt at 1tsp/gal or use medications. Do not combine Aq.Salt with medications but you can continue to use ES during medical treatments. Medication: If ES or Aq.Salt do not do the trick or it is a serious case of popeye, then combine the ES with API Tetracycline, API Fungus Cure, API General Cure, API Triple Sulfa, OR Mardel’s Maracyn.
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