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Concern over cloudy water (new tank)

Hi everyone,

I setup a 10 gallon filtered tank early this week, and ensured that water conditions were good (Conditioned tap water, Ph 7.0, Temperature 78, with a small dose of Microbe-Lift special blend to give cycling a boost) before picking up a male betta yesterday.

He adjusted quickly to his environment and was swimming around actively exploring his new home within minutes yesterday, before finally settling down for some sleep later that night. The water was crystal clear before heading off to bed. I just woke up this morning to find a fairly cloudy (white) aquarium.

I immediately looked for the betta and ensured he was still ok. I woke him (sorry buddy!) and he seems just fine, showing no signs of stress/color loss etc.

I ran a quick test and everything is showing within the right parameters, although my ph has gone up to around 7.4. In doing this, I discovered that the test strips I have don't test for ammonia. I will definitely pick up a testing kit for that when petsmart opens today, as I know its important to monitor in a new tank especially.

I did a google search and found that it might be a "bacteria bloom", from the Micro-Lift (& a bit of safe start before moving my betta in) reacting to newly introduced ammonia sources. Does this sound about right? Any advice on how to alleviate this, or will it just take a little patience?
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There's been dozens of threads basically covering this question. It's bacteria bloom. Just type in cycling filter in the search.

I also would recommend you stop wasting money on those test strips and get an actual drip test kit instead.

Just make sure you follow the directions for the Microbe-Lift

For anyone who's wondering what the instructions say....

More instructions from the company....

I've never heard of this brand or used this stuff.

Your betta should be fine.
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I should have browsed/searched more before posting, but I was a bit worried.

I quickly realized that the test strips are not very good, and will be getting an API master kit when this box is used up.

I've read many rave reviews ofer microbelift, but boy does it stink. I suppose thats a good thing in this case.

Any way, thanks for the reassurance, lol.
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