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Question I am out of ideas for this guy

A few months ago I picked up a VT from walmart but I can't figure out why he is always so clamped and lethargic. It annoys me because I am not new to betta keeping but I cant figure this out

I don't have any recent pics of him but this was him when I took him home:

however, now his fins are very tightly clamped together and nothing I do works to unclamp them. He gets his 2X week WC, I put him in a larger, divided tank and he bit his fins. I have had him in every size tank from 1 gallon up to the 10 gallon, in cycled and uncycled tanks, heater and no heater. Bare tank with just an ugly cave and filled up with fake plants.
NOTHING makes him happy and I don't think he is actually sick - nothing indicates that he is...

Now he is in a 3 gallon petco petkeeper.

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Have you had him in a cup since you brought him home? I don't suggest keeping him in one by any means, but have you placed him in once since you got him? I've come across some fish who love very small amounts of water and I like calling them "puddle fish", I don't call all Bettas that by any means, but I like to classify these types by that name.. Others who love their 5+ gallon tanks are my "ocean fish".

I have one boy right now who is a HM and he loves when I put him in a cup while cleaning his 2.5 gallon tank. He sits all nice and calm and fans all his fins out and just relaxes.

I've seen you around on here for ages, and I know you're not new to Betta or fish keeping but have you tried while he's in the 1 gallon with a filter or air stone (so there's water movement) and added lots of plants? Or maybe one plant and a decoration? Maybe a little plant and one of those floating Betta logs?

A friend of mine has a Doubletail HM who is super super picky. He doesn't like anything bigger then a gallon of water.. he doesn't even like that, he's happiest when his tank has a little less then a gallon, which means more water changes for his momma to do but it keeps him happy and active. He's only got a little flower plant and a little boat decoration and anything more he gets stressed out and upset. Some fish are just really really picky.
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