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If you crush the shelled morsels, the bettas will definitely eat them, but I like bettas that are smart enough to rip them out of the shells to get the protein.

The ones that are intelligent & patient enough to wait for the snail to expose themselves, deserve the prize not the lazy ones.

The others can rip PIECES off, but the rest of snail that remains will FUNGUS up the water in the tank. If you've seen a dead snail, you've seen that white fungus cloud before. It's pretty nasty.

Only Senetti is smart enough to get the ENTIRE snail without leaving anything behind. When I'm not around to feed her, she goes exploring, that's how she got stuck in the decoration.

Weird, all the PS here sell plants in tubes only.

When you're doing a water change or rearranging the tank, grab some of the snails then.

Not like they can scoot away.

In this link picture #3 is me dropping 10 snails in her tank as the ultimate test. 1-2 hours later when I came home ALL the shells were emptied & clean. The other bettas are not as smart as her when when it comes to hunting snails. I doubt any shelled critter/shrimp would survive more than 1 hour with her patrolling the tank.

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That's Awsome my Betta did nothIng to my snails but flare at them for like the first ten min or so.... Last time I got plants from a huge tank like that I was lucky enough to not get any snails after 24hrs of quarentien and a rinse like the one I explained earlier today... So at I see no sign of eggs nor movement exept for the new Betta
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I found bunch plants in tanks at Petsmart..luckily I only bought two, cause one was not even aquatic. I went to Pet Supplies Plus today, and they also had bunch/stem plants floating for sale..$1 a bunch!! my planted tank going anyway..just not "Walstad" like I was going to do.
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mts are awesome for NPTs with sand substrate
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