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What do you mean by interrupted?
If you take the female out, she will probably drop her remaining eggs (unfertilized) and eat them. The male will tend to the eggs that were laid.

A number of possibilities may occur if you disturb the spawning. Often the male will eat the eggs (not always). When spawning a known egg eater, I often scoop out eggs as soon as they place them in the nest. They will keep embracing until all eggs have been released.
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Originally Posted by SeniorD View Post
Hello everyone.

So first off, I have a 10 gallon tank with about 20 baby bettas in it. I have a divider and want to section off half the tank to start breeding again. The only probablem is the babies can still get through the divider but the male cant. The male just watches the babies. He hasn't darted at them. I do not have the female in yet and until I get an answer the male was put into a net just sitting there. The babies don't seem to be afraid of them but would it be okay to try and breed in the sectioned off part of the tank even though the babies are in the other half or should I just wait? Too much of a risk?
You are going to need this entire tank to grow out this spawn and will need to do massive [90%] water changes every 2-3 days to get those fry to decent adults. If you can't commit to that you should not be breeding. No use bringing more lives into the world until the ones you have are moved on. Any adult needs removed as the babies are snacks waiting to happen. If you don't want to raise the fry and want to spawn again remove the divider and feed the fry to the adult. What you are wanting to do will not be good for fry or a new spawn.

Go to walmart and get a plastic tub.. about $5. They hold about 3 gallons. Add heater and the rest of your spawning supplies. Do daily water changes with the fry till about a month old then move to a tank for grow out. Here is a video of what I use for spawning. I no longer use heaters as I have a reptile mat under the spawn tanks.
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