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How/When/Where do they sleep?

Last night after I feed my bettas and turned the light out, I noticed that one was resting under the filter at the back of the tank. His fins were up and he was kinda propped up. I just figured that he was sleeping or something. This morning, I found him in the exact same spot. He was okay because I stuck something in the tank to see if he moved, and he dashed forward as if startled. So do they sleep like this all night, or do they come up for air? He had a craft mesh hammock/tube that he swims through, but I've never seen him rest in it. He also has a cave. Do I need to offer them more things to rest on at the surface?
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while it's generally a good idea to have resting places near the surface, bettas will pick their favorite spot regardless of how many options they have :) One of my guys sleeps in the weirdest spots, like wedged under one of his terra cotta pot decorations. Not in it, or near the surface. It always freaks me out, but then he's out and about and healthy later so ya.
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My Sammy sleeps in his times..on a leaf of a plant other times I change the decor around a lot..and switch around decor from other tanks so each fish will have something new..some times I see my Crimson on his bridge..its so interesting to see what they will choose..he prob came up for air then went right back to bed..:)
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Saphhoira is right. They're like cats and will sleep where ever they please no matter how much money you spend on something for them to sleep in.

If he's sleeping behind the filter it could mean the flow is a bit strong for him, tho. I've had bettas do that in tanks with power filters.
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Old 09-08-2012, 11:29 AM   #5 
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Lol, I guess they know their tanks better that I do, so they know the best spots! I'll need to see about putting more silk plants near the filter output to help calm that a little, and try to put his mesh tube farthest away from it. With these tubes, is it better to have them fully submerged, or partially submerged so the fish can breathe air while sitting in it?

I've seen my other boys just prop themselves up on a plant!
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