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rosy delta
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I know. It's very hard to confront people. some are glad and help you, most look at you like you are slime and act like you dont know what you are talking about. It upsets me more than it does them.
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xD I do these sort of things all the time, more so with rodents because I know EVERYTHING there is to know on those little guys. My Petsmart near me was certainly top ranking for rodent care after I converted and trained a few employee's in proper rodent care and socializing. You can actually go into that store and the mice and hamsters jump into your hands happy to meet you.

I use to pester Walmart all the time as well with taking better care of their fish but they are one of those stores that just never changes so I told them eff all you people and now shop at Target and refuse to support their abuse. I won't even accept something bought from Walmart by someone else and return it and give them the lecture for why I will never support the company. Besides...Target is smart enough to know they are not a pet store, Walmart hasn't figured that part out yet. CLEARLY since ALL their fish always die.
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Originally Posted by teeneythebetta View Post
Haha yeah my mother thinks im insane :D i actually take some fish bowls, fill them with a few inches of water and float the cups in the bbowls to adjust to temperature xD but i dont go very often so theyre not getting changes frequently enough :(
Really my doctor thinks I am insane. Why do people think treating fish bad is okay but treating a puppy bad is death worthy.
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Originally Posted by teeneythebetta View Post
I would love to use the annoy method bbut i dont hav the social capabilities to do that. i got scared just asking them to clean the cups
You're doing great doing what you can with what you have where you are!

In the future it may be that you'll change your approach -- it doesn't mean that anything is "wrong" with what you did before.

You are unique in all the universe, be kind to yourself as you create your life.
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