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My sweet Scarlet is getting worse today....

I'm getting ready to go to the tails and scales store to find the medicine you told me to get. Is it called "fungus eliminator" made by Jungle? Do I get something called "methylene blue" seperately and then add them together before I pour them into the water? How much will I give Scarlet if it's as potent as you say? How can I maintain a bowl temp of 80-82 degrees if I don't have a heater? PLEASE TAKE TIME TO CAREFULLY ANSWER ALL MY QUESTIONS BECAUSE THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME. I need to start fixing this today or my fish might be dead tonight.
If my fish is already having trouble breathing, will this medicine make it harder for her to breathe by clouding up the water?
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this is good advise from Bettababy:

"Get fungus eliminator (not to be confused with other fungus meds made by Jungle, such as fungus clear... the ingredients are different) and Methylene blue, dose them into a bucket of clean water and do 100% water change daily for 7 - 10 days. This combination of medications is pretty potent while still being safe, and about the best I've found for the bettas after 10+ yrs of research."

After combining the medications dosed out into a bucket of say two gallons mixing the meds for two gallons..use that water on a daily basis to replce the water Scarlet is in. I would alo suggest some type of heater to raise the temp..if you dont have a heater get a heating pad ..put his bowl on that monitor the temperature with a thermometer so the water is between 78-82 degrees..maybe keep it on the warmer side 80 not let it get too hot! Continue to medicate untill you see improvment..follow the directions on the meds.

Good Luck
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Medication for betta....

I can't find the fungus eliminator to put with the metheylene Blue to treat my betta that's sick. I was told by one person to use primifix instead, and the other person told me to use marisyn(spell check) I don't know which one would best treat a bacterial infection and a fungal infection. Please help.
I only have a two gallon fish bowl to put the medication in, could that help determine which med. would work best for my betta? I don't want to overdose with the medication I end up using. My fish needs it tonight. Please help me with answers. Thank you. -Dez
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