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Originally Posted by Basement Bettas View Post
Back in the day I bought from Walmart. Usually had 3-4 fish at a time. But I bought the best looking ones and kept them healthy for eyars. I felt bad leaving the ones that were almost gone.. but I also like to get my monies worth. Have no desire to spend $5 and have nothing to show for it. My personal opinion is you should not be messing with sick fish unles you know what you are doing. And by the time your fish gets sick.. even if you know EXACTLY what it is.. by the time you purchase the med you have lost valuable time so you HAVE to have meds on hand. Those meds come from being in the hoppy a while. There are some basic things you need in a med chest. If you can't afford to have that stuff on hand then forget about rescuing practically dead fish. Rescue a healthy one.

I totally understand people mean well.. but it is totally nuts to tell everyone you bought a sick fish and then ask for help treating it. And you can't even tell us what the water parameters are. Maybe your water is a toxic dump because you have ammonia spikes.. but you want to hear add salt and everything will be better in the morning. Come daybreak you have a dead fish. He had health issues and because you had no idea what was going on in his water you thow in some salt, shocking his weakened system, dump in some meds that take a toll as well and with the ammonia poisened him to an early death. But you feel good his last hours were in a loving home instead of a cup on a shelf. So the well meaning "resuce" just made his last hours a torture. THAT is what is objectionable and the thread is about. If the thread hits clost to home, maybe need to rethink a few things.

I think a lot of people don't take into account that treatments hurt and the wrong treatment hurts more for no good reason. I'm not saying pass over a fish with mild fin rot for a fish with perfect fins. I'm saying don't "rescue" a fish with advanced Ick when you don't own any medications.

I know this my opinion and not fact, but I think that one way to be responsible is to admit your limits as a fishkeeper.
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Originally Posted by Pogthefish View Post
I thunk you are thinking of my rescue pos as you are writing this? :P To be fair I haven't had a betta die in months and I have alot of them (forget the one that died yesterday, she was really old) and I never said I wouldn't buy meds for the sick fish, I said I would buy them if I needed them but not beforehand because I couldn't afford to buy everything at once. But I understand why you would think I was wrong and we have our own separate opinions.

Also, the majority of people who by these fish from petco or petsmart or walmart have no experience and don't know its a bad thing, so even if every fish-keeper in the world stopped, they would still have business.
Oh believe me, I get having to save up for something because you don't have a few hundred to spend on fish every week. I'm just saying choose your battles wisely. If you have a choice between saving a fish with advanced fin rot and saving a fish with TB, you are better off saving the fish with fin rot.

To be honest, I steer away from sick fish and still have some meds on hand incase the healthy fish I brought get sick down the line. This is the list of meds I buy, keep until they expire, toss out once they expire, and then replace.

Dried Indian Almond Leaves for tannins that decrease stress
Epsom Salt for bloat; I tend to use IAL at the same time
Aquarium Salt for fin rot; I tend to use IAL at the same time
Maroxy for fungus
Maracyn Plus as a broad spectrum antibiotic (But this one may have expiered on me. I'll check when I get home. )
Copper Safe for parasites

So we are definitely going to have to agree to disagree since I'm the type of person who will toss $50 or more a year at illness treatments for illnesses that never happen in my fish just because my fish could theoretically catch them.
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Well obv I was going to start with minor cases untill I felt I was ready to move up. I currently can't afford to buy meds other than most of what you listed there because I am saving up for a 10 gallon to divide between some surprise bettas I got that I currently have in under 1-gallon jars. probably 1/8 gal (well they are 1/4 gal but I only fill them halfway so they can float properly in the main tanks)
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