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new tank mates

Hi guys need a bit of advice

i have had Bob the betta for 12 months he lived in a small tank with 2 plattys and a giant snail ... i up graded their home to a 2 foot tank and a heater and all was well for 2 weeks .. then i added 2 pictus catfish ... i think Bob is upset .. he hides on top of the heater and his fins are clamped up and he is blowing bubbles .. is he stressed or ill? the catfish ignore him - they were introduced about 12 hours ago ... seriously he is not a happy camper .. does anyone have any ideas?
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ok ... one pictus belly up ... completely cleaned tank and everything with vinegar ... i think the culprit is a dirty filter i may have inadvertently forgot to change it from an other tank ... and as pictus love eating scum they are the first to go ... i hope i caught it in time :(
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I think maybe the tank is a little bit overstocked? How much is two feet in galons?

He might have been stressed by the catfish trying to steal his caves, but are you sure you don't have an ammonia spike?
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Old 09-17-2012, 01:48 AM   #4 
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it is a 20 gallon tank or 65 litres ... not over stocked just two small plattys and a betta and asmall catfish. i changed half the water again and added some salt - giant snail died and others are not looking happy ... it is very odd had no problems until the catfish and the rate of sickness is too fast for a disease ... no signs other than sad and dieing fish - i will get an ammonia kit but the water change should have fixed that.
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I would say move the betta back to his old tank. The catfish could have brought something into the community or they are just stressing out the other fish.
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