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Shipping bettas?

So I have a possible line on more 2.5 to 5 gallon tanks because, darn it, I'm hooked before I even HAVE a betta in my tank! My community tank should done cycling soonish, then I am going to try a betta in there once my 2.5 gallon arrives in the mail and cycles (in case I have to move him due to the community not getting along). If he gets along well, I'll need another betta to put in the 2.5 gallon. If not, I want another tank to put another betta in. LOL!

So I ADORE plakats. Seriously, I think they are just the most beautiful bettas. The selection of plakats at my LFS is sparse, however, as the CTs, DTs, and HMs sell better. I don't mind getting a HM for a single tank, but I really want a couple of plakats.

My question is, how reliable is shipping? Do they usually arrive alive and in good condition if the person is an experienced shipper? As the receiver, is there anything I should know or do to help the betta deal with the stress of being shipped? I'm still not 100% sure about shipping, but I want to leave my options open.
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Shipping can seem scary and not worth the hassle, which deterred me from using it.

But now I know the truth... that shipping is a great way to get wonderful Bettas you wouldn't have been able to otherwise! I have had three experiences receiving Bettas via shipping. First two were Bettas I adopted from someone in another state. Priority shipping was used each time and everything went smoothly. The latest Betta that was shipped to me (the boy currently seen in my avatar, bought off Aquabid) did chew his tail during shipment. This is a risk you take since it is stressful, especially with the heavily finned boys.

One tip I have is to make sure to tell the shipper what your Weather is like. That way he or she will know if they need to include a heat pack or a cool pack if you are experiencing extreme conditions.

Here is a website has the best info on how to acclimate a Betta received through shipment. It is step by step and truly wonderful! It was actually made by Jennifer Viveiros who is a well know and reputable Betta transhipper.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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Location: Illinois
Thanks so much! That guide is really helpful! I keep seeing these GORGEOUS fish that I would love to get, but shipping is definitely scary. D:
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