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homegrown terror
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Originally Posted by EvilVOG View Post
Don't know him or his fish, but when i got into it i was the only guy around doing giants, now there's tons around. Best advice i can give is learn the ibc standards for whatever it is you want to breed to help you better select your stock. And feedback can be a good indicator, but not always. I got a fantastic pair from a guy who had very little feedback.

you can always ask around here how their form is. There's a couple people around that really know the form well.
i've watched a video of the pair i want (it's linked above) about a dozen times now and the only problem i can pick out is that the male has a good bit of spoon heading, but the female has a very nice smooth line so i think it could even out nicely, especially on the second or third generation. let me know if you can see any other problematic areas with them.
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From the clip the
The female is a bit on the low quailty size
Plus both fish is super long(no thickness)
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Originally Posted by homegrown terror View Post
thanks for the information! about what age can we start finding permanent homes for them? i know most giants i see advertised on aquabid are in the "still growing" state so i was figuring you have to start rehoming them pretty young. will the non-giant fry just be regular plakats and still desirable fish, or will they have to be culls? do you get more giant females or males usually, or is it all a matter of luck?

[For sale] Lavender salamander giant halfmoon plakat pair - YouTube

if they're still available, these two were the ones we were thinking of starting with.
"Giants" in my area are 5.5cm and above (body only). They are sold around 4cm and above .... not according to age. If you can get them grow to 4 - 5 cm in 2 - 3 months, they can be sold. BUT NEVER GIVE GUARANTEES that they are giants. They can suddenly stop growing any time. Less than 5.5 cm by 4 months is an indication that they wont grow to be true giants.
Keeping them too long is not a good idea. You will be burdened by space and food.

You will get regulars, bigger than regular (4-5cm), half giants (7cm), and true giants (10cm) .... if the parents are true giants. Half and true combined will only be about 30% max. The rest should be sold as regulars. It would be a good idea if you started with show form so rehoming wouldn't be a problem ...... unless you can rehome the runts.

The video isn't too clear - there are no perfect side view position. But IMO, other than a dippy head, the male looks OK enough. It's the female that worries me. Her fins looks too round/too PK. Thus you might get 90% or more of round PK fins.....if form is important to you.

If you can get Thai - check out Greatbetta ...... I think they've achieved both form and size.

Fry will eat and grow much more compared to regular bettas..... even the runts will eat more. Be prepared.
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