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Betta still lethargic, normal?

On the 13/9 i purchased a male fighting fish Arthur who was full of life but became lethargic rather quickly.
You can see the post here :

Since creating that post. I have made a few changes:
-His heater is now at 24-26 degrees celcius (76 degrees ferinheight)
-I test his water for ammonia regularly, as well as pH.
-I change 75-100% of his water weekly now (we did our first one 3 days ago )
- I check the water current and adjust it when it seems its too strong (hes a fairly good swimmer though)
- His water is now treated when changed with "stress coat"
- He has also been treated for fin rot which he was showing early signs of.

However, the last few days he has been giving me mixed signals..
One day he will be happy, swimming around and full of life, and the next he will be really sad looking at the top of his tank hardly moving unless i coax him out with food.

I did notice the tip of his tail fin was showing a little black, which is a sign of early fin rot. I did a treatment for that yesterday and if it doesnt show signs of improvement in another 3 days its due for another coarse.

I tested both ammonia and pH just then and both came back with perfect results.

Could he STILL be stressed from purchase or is this just who he is? A bi-polar acting fish...?
Are bettas usually a lazy fish species or is there something thats wrong with Arthur and i just cant see it?

I don't know what else to do!
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All day today he has been super lethargic at the top corner of the tank, I thought maybe the filter current was too strong so i fully turnt it off for now.

Tomorrow i will be doing another 100% water change and see if he perks up after that, otherwise i dont know what else to do
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