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Question What is healthy Betta behavior?

My Betta swims around rapidly. Much more than swimming in place or at the bottom. I am concerned because in the pet store he barely moved around at all. When he did come up to the close towards me, it was like a slug. The water looked dirty, and I know the staff were stoned.

Thing is, this betta was not in a little cup, he was in 5 gallons. Is now in 1 gallon because I didn't trust plastic and I didn't trust the cheap glass. The ones that looked sturdy, were so expensive and large. I didn't want a tank you could see the glue all over it.. But I think I traumatized him by this change.

I am getting a 5 or 10 gallon in a couple weeks. Is he okay though?
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Yah, hes fine, just energetic. :)
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Location: Batavia, IL would depend on what you mean by 'swimming around rapidly'.

If you mean that he has sudden 'bursts of energy' where he just shoots around the tank very quickly all of a sudden at random, then stops and sits for a few minutes breathing heavily and whatnot....then thats not so normal, that could be a sign of some sort of parasite.

If you just mean that he always appears to be swimming around all over his home, in and out of any caves or decorations he has, exploring everything, and coming up to 'wiggle' a little when you approach him....thats perfectly and completely normal. ;) Bettas are truly very active and curious little fish. Hes perfectly fine if that is what you mean.

Though something like a 5 gallon is better then a tiny cup because toxins won't build up as quickly.....its still a closed system and it can still be just as bad as a little cup if its left and not properly maintained and heated. Its so sad that it sounds like they have such potentially wonderful conditions for bettas and are yet keeping them so poorly. 8/ Good for you for getting him out of there, I'm sure he is much happier with you.
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Thanks guys!:) He is as happy as he can be in the bowl for now then :)
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