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Yes, you should move them to another place to grow and wash them daily with cold tap water. You could always freeze them for preserving. :) Washing them will minus the disease risk but there's still a chance, though.
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Considering how intently my bettas go after dead (frozen) worms I know they'd hunt down and consume every single live thing they could find :)
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Well letting them hatch in the tank is never a good idea, if the water conditions aren't right, they won't even hatch, plus the eggs tend to dislodge and will float on the water surface.

However, if it's warm and wet out, get a bucket.. I use the 1 gallon icecream buckets from the grocery store, but a 5 gallon works great, too, put water in it from your last water change, a few IAL or oak leaves, driftwood, live plants.. just whatever you can find to make the water dark and provide organic cover. I add coppersafe to the water before letting anything grow in it. You'll want to leave this bucket in the sun for a day or two, to get the algae growing and then set it in a shady place and wait.

In my area, the smokey mountains, there are no problems with West Nile, but if there has been any outbreaks in your area over the last year, skip it. Otherwise, go right ahead. Though I would cover the bucket with a wire mesh of some kind, to keep other animals from contaminating your water.
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We had an outbreak in the Bay Area... Not going to feed them any for a while, and I still need to feed bloodworms I got.

I would have just transfered the eggs to a jar and grow them. Washing them daily won't really prevent disease. Washing before feeding is recommended so stuff from the water doesn't get from the jar to your tank which can cause issues.
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Mosquito and other wild larva make up about 75% of my bettas diet whenever I can get them. I feed no processed foods at all. Never had a single issue in the 3 or 4 years I've been feeding this way.
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well, I ended up scrubbing them off the betta log.

But...I'm in Florida, and it rains every other day here. I've seen mosquito larvae in many places (like the trays under my potted plants and such).

So could I potentially catch these, and put them in a jar of clean water to feed the fish?

I would imagine this is what they would have eaten in the wild (although I know our betta's are most certainly a far cry from the wild betta's....and probably have not developed immunity to things likely carried by mosquitoes)

I have not heard of west nile around here, the vet told me they get a few cases of heartworm in dogs. That is transferred by mosquito bite.

Would be good to know....I'm sure they are more nutritious than dried betta pellets.
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I'm in western WA, we don't have heartworm, so that isn't something I have to worry about. I scoop as much as I can, drain off as much water as possible and then feed them. I don't rinse or anything.
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