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hello i just bought my betta fish today he is metallic blue i put the container in the water like the paper said 4 ten mins to get him used to the water he swam around 4 a bit i went to check on him 20 mins later and he was just floating in the tank he was still and not moving he is alive but when i watched him 4 a few mins he started swimming again is this normal?
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Hi and welcome to the Forum...first we will need some info from you..What is the tank size you are putting him in?
Do you have a heater?
Do you have filtration?
Did you use any water conditioner ( dechlorinator) in your new tank.
Your new Betta will take a while to get accostom to his new home so give him a little while to adjust. Do not try to feed him right away ....give him a day or so. Make sure the water temp in your new tank is @78-80 F Degrees .
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This is quite normal for new fish in general.
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your fish is new so he needs time to get used to the new enviorment. and he might not eat either (if you havnt already tried) bcuz they usally dont eat for a couple days. so dont worry and give him his needed time.
whats his tank size?
does it have a filter?
did you cycle the tank? (this will not be the problem just curious)

welcome to the forum :D and good luck with your betta
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