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Old 09-24-2012, 05:17 PM   #1 
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Location: maryland
Psychopath fish? Flares at bubbles and plants, can't even put him near another fish.

So fluffy is very.... active. He flare sat everything, even when he breathes, sometimes, his gills flare out. He flares at me when I feed him. I have to take extra care to make sure there are NO reflections in his tank. He flares at the cat, he flares at the little statues of cate next to his tank, he flares at plants and bubbles in his tank, he flares at his food, and if he gets bored, he flares at the wall. I once put him in a clear box with a clear divider with another guy, just to let him know what he REALLY should flare at, and he just sorta sat there while the other fish flared at him and he stuck out his gills a little, but his fins stayed rested. Then, all of a sudden, he EXPLODED, swimming everywhere he could, at the wall, up and down, hitting walls, jumping, biting at the air, mostly turning in towards the other fish, I could hear him hitting his head, and the other fish just sorta looked at him like "wtf dude..... what are you on?" and I literally had to take him out and put him back in his tank, because I thought he would hurt himself, and he made a HUGE bubblenest, I had to take the lid off his tank and it was all across the front of the tank, and INCHES high. (Another thing he is known for are his bubblenests) And I swear his fins didn't rest for an hour after that, and he was patrolling his tank. I will NEVER put him near another fish again, trust me :P

So is this normal? Anyone else had a fish like this? Oh he is also a very bad nipper. I think he would be an hm, but he looks more liek a rosetail, and I have no idea if its natural. Kinda worries me because nothing gets him to stop.

He is in a 2.5 gallon (he would be in a divided 20, but he has a little problem with that, as you can tell)
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Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
Dang what are you feeding him ? lol I just have no idea whats up with Fluffy acting this way and is it normal, well normal for him maybe. I wish I knew what to tell you but I am sorry I dont. One thing you might try when he gets to really going off like that is to turn off all the lights and check back later to see if that calms him down. Good luck and you sound like you have it under control as know what sets him off like that.
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Location: Northern California
Fluffy sounds exactly like my Orion! He has some *ahem* anger management issues as well. Here are some things I did that helped him calm down a bit:
-Try to find a quiet place in the house for him that is less likely to be disturbed by other animals or humans. I know this isn’t always possible though, so do what you can.
-Tape paper on 3 sides of his tank. I couldn’t see any reflections, but did it anyway at the advice of my dad (who used to have a massive saltwater aquarium) & for the most part, he stopped slamming into the glass.
-If you think he’s getting too stressed, throw an old towel over his tank for a ½ hr or so. That seems to be VERY effective with all my fish no matter what the stressor is.
-Throw the towel on every night to insure that they can get a good night’s sleep (hopefully).
-I found putting Anacharis (easiest plant in the world to grow, even I can’t kill it) in his tank then getting him to swim through it before I fed him helped him to stop flaring at the plants. He realized how much fun it is & now he spends a ton of time in his grass.
-Live food is great. I give my guys live bloodworms once a week & he tears into those guys like he’s a shark! LOL Don’t know if it helps him, but it’s nice, in my opinion, to give him something he can take out his aggression on.
-Stay on top of water changes/quality, even more than you normally would.

Basically, do everything in your power to reduce his stress, even if it you don’t think it has to do with the aggression. It sounds like you’re on top of it already, so keep it up! I have never found a way to get him to stop flaring at me, his food or sometimes, at nothing. He’s just an aggressive little guy. As far as the fin biting, my best guess is from stress. I’ve had a couple severe biters (one only had about a cm of fin left when I rescued him) & I found reducing the stress eliminated the problem. However, all mine were rescues & came from awful conditions, so it might not be applicable here. Good luck!
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Sena Hansler
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Location: CANADA
I have had two über flare boys. One was an old fart who seemed to "hate" everything :) flare no matter what. He had his own 10 gallon his own heater everything. Look at him across a ROOM and he would go bizarro x.x and then there was macho Maine who LOVED to flare at everyone and everything :) active, brightly colored and did not have any problems with stress. Some bettas may get stressed though if you are unlucky - but for he most part if there is no problem he is just a funky little bug who loves to pester others and has an ego bigger than his flare :)

Things I tried with some tail biting little guys was larger tanks, less light, no light, a filter, no filter, live plants, tons of caves, darker gravel, etc. slightest changes, make a difference. Even making it so he is in a high traffic or low traffic room.
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