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I got a dog when I was really depressed a few years ago. He's the joy of my life :) I think that pets really help a lot with these things, because they force us to get up and take care of and nurture something outside of ourselves, and the simple act of doing that is very healing.
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Originally Posted by LadyVictorian View Post
I just found it ironic that lately I have had an obsession with drowning and the animal that might pull me out of my depression is a fish. I guess they are my version of a mermaid minus the beautiful woman top half. I like their faces as they are anyways.
Hey LadyV..I am soo very sorry to hear about your bout with depression, and I as a matter of fact, had similar instances, a long while back, about dreaming about drowning, and I went to a "Dream Therapist" regular therapist, but knew about dreams, and all it was is (when change takes place in your life), I have comeback from a major setback..and having my daughter brings me more joy than I can imagine, but at the same time, I felt something was missing, and that is when my first fish came into my life,

and now I have 5 and I took in rescues..4 of them, out of the five, and found it to be exhilerating, and fulfilling, and maybe if you got a fish, look for a rescue..and it may give you more to acheive..

Ironically I don't have the (drowing) dream anymore..I think after all is said and done, my life is settled, considering we (me and my daughter) survived a house fire, and we were both homeless, at the time shortly after she was born, around 9mos..I had an emergency appendectomy..and now, after also being a cancer survivor,
I think I have conquered all my fears, and my mind is at ease..but I feel having a rescue..(completes) that need. if you will..if you choose to go that route, I wish you well, and if you need any help, please feel free to PM me
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I was actually thinking about a rescue. I know every time I see a sick or beaten up animal who needs someone's help I see myself in that animal and feel like no one ever came to rescue me so I should rescue this animal and in a way through it rescue myself. I did it with my cat whom I saved from a dog who had been killing cats and I did it with my mouse who was going to be let go into the wilderness (and ended up being my biggest life saver and prove the world you can make it through anything.) Next time I go to petco I'm looking for a fish that screams help to me. I think since I scream it myself so often I'll be in tune to that sort of cry and know it better than anyone else.
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