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Old 09-22-2012, 09:58 PM   #61 
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: Virginia
I like modern music, but hardly anything that comes on the pop music station. I'll admit I have my guilty pleasures. I like some rap from the 90's and early 2000s. I used to be a hardcore eminiem fan. xD ice ice baby, i like big butts, gin and juice to name a few. as far as modern modern popular music, i like sexy and i know it. xD but i mostly listen to the rock and country stations these days. (darn, i'm getting old!)
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Location: Montreal
i despise modern pop music. old Madonna and B Spears are ok. i cant stand these new pop artists one bit. i do have to thank those many artists for making me expand my music interests.

i used to listen to 80-90s dance music up to 2004 i still love that music. the ones after that not at all as its the same annoying modern pop music with different beats. Ice MC 2 Unlimited Haddaway, masterboy, the usual duo eurodance groups. theres some bands that arent mainstream i like alot ie Basic Element. euro beat music along with some Kpop and Jpop are on my list of music i like.

in the past listened to eurodance and meavy metal including the hard stuff where you can barely hear the lyrics. didnt like much the classic rock then. now i will listen to nearly all music barring modern pop, rap and hip hop. i now listen to alot of classic rock a decade music 60-80s, classic eurdance and dance music up to 2004. classic music is good and the earlier the better ie Mideval to Baroque. im not big on country music but thats 50x better than any song from lady gaga in my book. im part of that 1% who doesnt like the post Madonna high energy pop music. i cnat stand the music from her but at times i have no shoce but to bear with it as its on often where i work. this may sound like blasphemy but i also despise LMFAO ie music group. my biggest issue with modern dance/pop is the repetetive beat is just not my style and irks me to no end.

i stil listen and love heavy metal though i have a limit for such songe where you can barely hear the lyrics. im big into harmonic metal ie Nightwish, Sabaton, Iron Saviour, Elluvietie and such bands.

i tend to lean to classic rock stations, talk shows and classical stations.

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Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: Central Texas
I've been on a Journey kick lately. Heck, I even named my newest betta Journey.
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Location: Puerto Rico
Those summer nights are callin'...stone in love...
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