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Kitty Whiskers
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Sorry for your loss *Hugs for you*

I'm glad my cat has never tried to eat my fish and she can not drink the water in any of the tanks because the hoods pretty much cover all of the water areas. On my 30 Gallon I put some plastic craft mesh over the long wide area in the back of the hood to keep the fish from jumping out and prevents the Nerite snails from getting out as well. I'm sure it would keep my cat out of the water too but she never gets up that high. I'd be afraid that she'd be drinking too many chemicals in the water anyway.

But when I still had my Fiddler Crab Kingsford in the 10 Gallon tank my Bettas used to be in, Kinsford escaped through the opening where the filter was. I found him on the floor in the livingroom the next morning with my cat chomping on him! So soon afterwards I put my other Fiddler Crab, Crabby Patty into another 10 Gallon tank with half water of 3 gallons and half sandy dry area with a pet screen lid that came with lid locking clamps.
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Thanks guys:(, thankfully Cheng is doing well, and the water is lower. I don't really have the money for a top so maybe I'll try to make one. *Sighs* I really liked Ferdidand alot, but at the same time, it was almost a good thing (aside from the betta being eaten part), because Cheng's getting older and now she has a lot bigger of a tank and it has a better heater to. I will try making a cover today, my cat only drinks out of it at night.
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Oh, and when Cheng does die, I think before I get another betta I'll be getting a leopard gecko, and maybe a little bit later getting another betta. But I will of course still be on the forum;)
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