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I was just thinking hair wise because my mom, me, and my dad, are allergic most furry animals, and my mom is convinced that I'm allergic to GPs too! haha
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I have 2 Gpigs. They are both female but I had issues with one of them being more aggressive to the other, so they are separated, but in the same cage so they can talk through the bars and such.

Normally Gpigs do best in same sex pairs though or a neutered male and female (so no babies).

Baby gpigs need to grow up on alfalfa hay and pellets made for growing gpigs and adults need to be on an adult diet and Timothy hay.

Best food products I have found are the Oxbow products. They have Vit. C already infused in their pellets and are found more easily so you don't have to order anything. I just supplement Vit. C through a Spring Mix Salad and other fruits/veggies several times a week to balance the diet better (plus, they looove treats!). Every time I go to the vet they say that my gpigs are healthy and they are almost 6 yrs. old. I also buy my hay in bulk, 25 lbs for my 2 pigs. It doesn't go bad and it is cheaper that way.

I have an approximately 6 ft long C&C cage and use fleece on the floor of it and litter pans with Yesterday's News Cat Litter in them.

I used to pick up the hay that got strewn about the fleece, vacuumed up the poops daily and then changed the litter in the pans on occasion and I also put the hay I gave them daily in the litter pans. I was able to train one of my guinea pigs to use the litter pan 85-90% of the time and the other about 75% of the time. When I got lazy though and kinda stopped they didn't use their litter pans as much.

Guinea Pigs are a lot higher maintenance then people think they are and they are actually quite smart.

I am sure there is a few things I forgot to add, but I can add it later if I remember.
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You shouldn't ever put cloth of any sort in with a guinea pig, they don't nest and they will nibble on it and can possibly die from the strings, or get tangled in it etc.

Also cedar is a no no. It produces a smell when wet that can kill them. Not to mention it's usually sold in chips that are not soft and can cause bumblefoot. You can use pine safely as long as you get rid of the dust part, and pick out the stray sticks so it's soft. I used chicken bedding (pine) from a feed store and it cost $8, if that, for a years worth (every week I dumped it and hot water washed the cage).
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A lot of people use fleece with their guinea pigs and they have not had trouble, you cannot get strings that can tangle with the gpigs from fleece. You use bricks to hold down the fleece so they cannot grab edges or go under. I have used towels, etc. in transport carriers or temporary cages. You just need to be careful of what condition the material is in, that they don't get straggly or anything, if the animal chews on it, substitute something for them to eat or remove it.

Cedar is definitely a no-no due to the respiratory issues. Aspen or Carefresh is the safest bedding if you are only using substrate for the cage.
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Old 10-06-2012, 04:30 PM   #25 
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Yes, I do :D

Wendell is a Sheba Mini Yak.

Who shares a C&C with his best buddy the American guinea pig, Wilmur!

And than I have my neutered American male pig and my rescue Abyssinian female pig together. :)

If you have any questions, send me a message! I can answer them all and recommend the best things for them :)
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