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BFbW #2: How To Choose A New Betta

How To Choose A New Betta:
A Comprehensive Guide

By Magnum

Ever spend an hour debating on which fish to choose at the store? Can’t decide between the Mustard Gas or Plakat? Well, now is the time to choose! This article explains some ‘must’ key points when choosing your new friend and some things that are entirely up to you!

The most important thing to do when choosing a betta is assess their physical condition (unless you’re rescuing!). Make note of a few vital points such as activity within the cup or jar. If the fish is moving around and flaring, it’s a good sign. This shows that he is quite physically active, and gives you – to a degree - the healthiness of the betta. After this, make a close inspection on a few of the fish that interest you. Do they have small white spots? Look like there scales are raised? Or have a gold ‘dust’ covering? These are all disease signs, and unless you are rescuing you’ll want to steer clear of those bettas.

After doing your physical examination of the fish your interested in, it’s time to see how they react to you! Put your finger against the cup or glass. Do they come over to greet you? Or do a small ‘tail dance’ ?. These cute signs could mean that your betta has chosen you! Watch them for a while; see how they interact with one another and with you. If you’re pet store keeps your betta’s in a barrack system with cardboard sheets to prevent them from seeing one another, pull them out for a few seconds and see how they inter-react. If they are in cups, you can always move them around to see if they interact differently with different fish.

You should now have your choosing process down to four or less fish. Now is the time you select on appearances. Steer clear of large deformities, such as permanent swim bladder unless you have the time to maintain his or her quality of life. If you know your choosing a new fish, it’s always handy to have a printout of the conformation types so you can try and get a pet store fish that matches those criteria. Also, bring colour into the mix. If you’ve been dying to have a black orchid crowntail, then after completing the other examinations go get him! The aesthetics part of choosing your fish is entirely up to you.

I know I spend at least 45 minutes choosing out a new fish and I hope this guide helps some of you to eliminate the factors you’re not looking for and choose your perfect new buddy!

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Thanks for the guide.
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Yes, thank you. How well I'll be able to stick to it after I enter the store... that's another story.
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Lovely! I recently helped a dear friend get set-up with a betta and we went through all of these steps and she found herself with a little Cambodian Red female. Most active and friendly little gal I've seen. Chloe (as she was named) makes Kasper look like a grumpy old man.
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