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Just looked on one of the blocks today at work (why oh why am I the only one who bothers to clean them?) says to clean every 2-3 weeks. These things hold less than a gallon, maybe a quart.
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It would need to be cleaned 2 a week. Heated to about 78-82F degrees. The tank also does not address food and excerise.
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Originally Posted by LadyVictorian View Post
I wish that were true that the cage applies as animal abuse but I had a neighbor who's dogs lives outside chained to a fence with rotten wooden homes and dirty water, a bag of moldy dog food and the cops said so long as they provided some sort of shelter, food, and water then it wasn't an issue to keep the dogs like that. Both dogs eventually starved to death and no one did anything about it. Once he got his second set of dogs I cut the leashes and lured them to my house. After 24 hours we took them to the shelter as strays to prevent them from suffering the same fate. Same goes for a lot of animals. There is more leway with animal care, if you are basically only giving animals what they need to survive but not thrive then it's not considered animals abuse at all. I mean every single pet store is proof of that. Fish tanks are dirty, fish are thin, rodents are in cages full of poo and animals are always sick or mentally damaged but no one says a thing. My own aunt is proof of it. Her guppies live in a 10 gallon and there are about 50 of them in GREEN WATER...GREEN. It gets cleaned ONLY when a bunch of fish die off and she considers that good because "it keeps the population under control." Despite the fact half her guppies are deformed from poor water quality as fry and most of them belly up before they hit 3 months old. Yet is it considered abuse on any level by the US government and Animal Humane Society? NOPE. If I called the cops on her they would do nothing about it but agree the fish were green water? That gets cleaned every three or four months...sure.
I see on that animal cops show them confiscating animals in too small cages like bears, tigers, and animals in among sor of bad envirement.
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