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Okay, thanks, OFL.
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Thank you OFL and Sakura8,

We are learning a lot all at once, maybe reading too much from different web sites and not understanding everything
we have read. Wish I had found this site sooner. (Thank you again for your help) The only treatments we have done to date is AQ salt which has been stopped. and the Tetracycline going into day 3. He is active and eating very well. There is no filter system on his tank.

My daughter was using a conditioner while at school (Betta Splendid complete water conditioner) but discontinued use when she came home.
We are on well water. Is treatment of well water any different than city water for Betta's?

My daughter got him 1.5 years ago but his age is unknown.

What food would your recommend for his condition?
We have lots of oak trees here so making our own tannin tea is doable. I do have liquid Tannin by Crosby & Baker it's made from grapes. (I'm
a home wine maker) probably not the right kind to use? When should we start treating with tannin and for how long ? If we make the tannin
tea out of oak leaves should this be done in a separate container and then added to the tank straining out the leaves? or the leaves
added to the tank?

At this point in time he does not seem to be suffering. He is still making bubble nests and comes up to the glass to visit when anyone goes to his tank.
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Collect naturally dried and fallen from the tree Oak leaves...For medication-I use 20 crushed/gal in a 1gal jug of dechlorinated water-let them steep naturally for at least 30 min before use.
The longer they steep-the more tannins released-the darker the water-the more the Betta will like it.

For a tonic-I use a couple to 3-4 whole leaves tossed in the tank to release slowly and remove as needed-I leave mine long term to break down-but, I have natural systems and want the decomp.

You don't want to heat the leaf/tannin over 110F since that with kill all the good bacteria.

The Oak leaf and IAL tannins-both contain antibacterial/fungal properties, help to ease stress and can toughen scales/fins-As the tannins and leaf bits start to decomp they produce CO2 that can drive the pH down naturally-but this happens over time and why you want to use premixed tannin water for water changes-so not to cause any chemistry shock issues-to be safe when you use it as medication.

I have well water too and I don't add anything to it for use with my fish, however, not all well water is created equal-plus it can change with the season and weather-or at least mine does....still have never had any issues with it in regards to fish keeping.
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