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Originally Posted by toad View Post
I live in New England, and while we don't lose power often, there's always a chance that a blizzard could knock the power out for a while.

I'm concerned about keeping 7 tanks of tropical fish warm (and filtered, for the water breathers in the community tank) with no power What on earth do you do in a situation like that?

Last winter, I had no fish, so I have never faced this issue before.

Any suggestions?
Hehe it's coming up to the anniversary of the October snow storm. I live in CT too. I never lost power, though. Did you?
Yeah, I didn't have any fish last winter either, so I'm also curious what I would do in case I lose power. I think maybe you should have some coolers handy, place your fish into their store cups, and put them all in a cooler. If your power is out for long enough you could probably put in one of those hand warmer things that gets warm when it hits the air...
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Originally Posted by babystarz View Post
A backup generator would be the most versatile thing you could choose. Just make sure you keep enough fuel for it to run for a week. I think they're pretty expensive to buy new but you could probably find a deal on a used one.

In an emergency I would move them all to 1 gals in the smallest room of your house (preferably on the top floor; heat rises. Or in the kitchen near the oven, with the oven on if the gas works) and wrap whatever you can around the tanks to insulate them. Then stay in that room so your body heat and respiration heat stay in that space. Tape up the windows with plastic and shove towels under the door so the warm air cannot escape.
Hahaha u make it sound like its an appocalypse and the fish must live for all of humanity to survive. good advice though :D
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Location: Connecticut
I could definitely put the bettas in a cooler and keep them warm with a heat pack, but I don't know what to do with my community tank of mollies/tetra/platies and my millions of snails :(

Perhaps I will look for a generator, or find one I can perhaps borrow if need be!

Thanks for all your suggestions, guys :)
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