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5 gals

How heavy are they when full? Are they easy to perform 100% water changes in? How often would you need to change the water & what % would you need change in an unfiltered 5 gal with little to no live plants. The 2.5 gal tank with hoods are nearly the cost of a 5 gallon kit from walmart but I deffinitely dont want a filter for my long finned bettas and dont mind doing the water changes needed but I need something that will be easy to perform 100% water changes in so im weighing my many options. The tank need to be able to be carried from shelf to sink and back to shelf (no worries fish wouldnt be in there at that time, I save their petstore cups in which I place them in for water change times).
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8.3 lbs per Gallon so a 5 Gallon tank would weigh approx 41.5 lbs plus the weight of the empty tank.
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Completely full with substrate and decor....a 5 gallon is pretty heavy. I don't know exactly how heavy, I'd imagine it varies depending on what all decor-wise you have in it and whatnot....

Before you move it though, why not just drain it as much as you can with a gravel vac into a bucket? Pick it up, bring it into the bathroom, rinse things off, bring it back, set on the shelf, then fill it up again. I do this with my smaller unfiltered tanks even....I've found it a little easier, especially because I'm a small person, to carry everything this way even if its a couple more steps. Also, I've personally found water doesn't slosh everywhere too much this way....its a little less messy. xD

For an unfiltered 5 gallon with no live plants, I'd say one week a 50% and an 80-ish%, and then the next week a 50% and a 100% should probably be sufficient. That sounds about right to me at least.
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