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tetra 3i

Hey guys...
So if you havent been following my frustrating tales of betta keeping lately I will give a quick summary.

I have 4 male bettas. 1 plakat, 1 vt, 2 long tails double tails. I thought jumping back into bettas would be easy as ive had many in the past (I didnt quite know what I was doing then but with all the knowledge ive been gaining, I thought well if my old ones were easy and I didnt know what I was doing im sure these guys will be a real cinch)...Anywho im battling some fin rot issues, and crazily took on a rescue (the vt) hands are completely full, plus work and farm animals exhausted. I had them all in evolve 4 tanks which I loved at first...they looked so nice...but all of sudden even after baffling my long finned boys were having issues with their tails left and right...I have now disassembled the evolves and moved my plakat into a 5 gal (which he LOVES), the 2 with tail issues are in hospital bowls of about 2-2.5 gals and my rescue has been moved to a 2.5 tank. To say the least its been interesting and a lot of work. Now I hope to home all of my bettas accept the plakat to 2.5 gallon tank. I was going to stay away from filters as it was the cause of my issues in the first place...but now im starting to think maybe I could make filters work, they wont have many live plants, maybe 1.

This is my thought...they have the tetra 3i filters down at my petstore, they are cheap enough and quite small. I would need to baffle those things like you wouldnt believe though to stear clear of further tail issues but I need to know if it will work or not for my needs. My boys seem to have very delicate tails but rather than doing a 50% and 100% id rather do 50% always and not stress them out with having to do 100% and the filter may help me reach that goal.

This is the filter, and I have an air pump with adjustable valves.

Would this work or would it not work properly because id have to baffle it so much? Would there still be too much water movement and flow? They really cant stand water movement they become quite depressed and try to escape it all the time. Right now in their hospital bowls with no movement at all they are really happy!

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I have this same filter in out three gallon. I put panty hose on the intake just to be sure he wouldnt get stuck in it. And I put the outflow close to the top of the water like half inch and it hardly moves the water I have to open the lid to look and see if water is comming out.
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I have 2 of those (they came with tanks I bought) and I quite like them so far. I used a bobby pin to clamp the air tubing a bit, which reduced the outflow just enough. I also stuffed a piece of sponge into the outflow and it creates hardly any current. Definitely worth a shot, I think.
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