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Talking Happy Betta

Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum about Battas. I have had only 1 betta all my life. His name is Fred. When I got Fred I went looking for what kind of habitat to have for him. Mostly what I found were these little 1 liter bowls, 1 gal bowl and 2.5 gal round tank with a UGF. I got one of these 2.5 round tanks. Fred got sick all the time. I was changing the water every couple days to make sure that it was clean, completely tore it apart and bleached it once a month and still he got sick. I got a 29 gal standard aquarium and set it up with fresh gravel, live plants, hiding places, heater, and good filter. Now Fred is a very happy betta. What I dont understand is why they keep telling everyone to just get this little tiny container for a betta when they are so much happier in a larger aquarium. He swims all over the aquarium now and loves it. I have floating plants, places for him to hide in, and live plants all over the place. I just got 5 cherry barbs, a red glass barb and a clown loach as company for him and he is loving it. He is so inquisitive about what they are doing. He followed the clown loach for about 10 min while it went after a snail, then followed one of the cherry bards around to see what it was doing. I am so glad that I made the decision to put Fred in a larger aquarium. He is healthy, muscular and even shows off when I go by the glass. His color has improved so much. The red and blue on his body pop now instead of just being dull all the time. Thanks for your time.
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YAY FOR FRED! I used to have my males in1g containers, had 3 females in a 10g& 1 female in a 1g. Violet, the female in a 1g got some kind of body rot so I was forced to make a decision & ended up purchasing another 10g kit for her. Shortly after that I couldn't stand having the boys in the 1g's any longer so I found a great deal on 46g bow front with stand & bought it & all the goodies. Now I have 3 females with 2 CAE's & a snail in the 46g & the boys have their 10g tanks. It's amazing how much the boys changed for the better. Best decision I could've made for them. Selling them as small container fish is easier because most people don't truly care about properly caring for them, it's a sad fact.
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