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Stubborn rot :/ AQ salts not working...

Ive been treating lo ling the rescue for about 4-5 days now with 100% changes IAL leaves and AQ salt. It stopped it at first and began re it wont stop and chunks keep falling off. The meds I have are Coppersafe, maracyn oxy, primafix, melafix (I know the fix's arent good but have heard they are occasionally neccesary??) I also ordered maracyn 2 and tetraciline online but they wont be here for 7 days, I dont think that will be quick enough. I was doing 50% to try and keep him from stressing but felt it necessary to move to 100% til I hooked up the filter as doing the 50% made it worse...the filters running now, should I do 50% changes or stick with there anything I can do for him? maybe 2 50% changes a day instead?

When I got him he was all clamped looking..his fins have always been sad looking...they just arent strong and always looking plastic like and crinkly...I really honestly think he either has horrid genetics (hes pretty to me, but is kind of a homely fish in reality lol). Hes also always had the appearance of stresslines, not sure if its his coloring or perhaps hes just a sickly fish because of breeding and poor care at breeders. When he was at the store he was with an entire batch of horrible sickly looking fish who were incredibly underweight. The store never got bettas like this, it was one of those once in a lifetime terrible shipments. I took him home to hopefully give him a better life. I havent seen another batch in these condition in a while there, since then theyve all been pretty much healthy bettas. He is living a good life and is a very energetic happy betta. Emotionally he sees himself as perfection and couldnt be happier. But physically im worried for him. How do I treat stubborn rot like this? I dont want chunks to keep falling off til theres nothing left and it seems to be quickly now. Any advice? Stick with the salt or move to meds?
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I know many people disagree with me but personally I don't use anything but fresh water. When Violet got rot she was in a 1g, unfiltered, unheated container. I made the decision to get her a 10g filtered & heated tank & I saw improvement within 24 hrs. It's been 4 mos & you'd never know she ever had rot of any kind, she's now in a 46g community tank. IMO, meds, including salt, should be an absolute last resort.
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Ive had him for a month and was doing the nec water changes, but had to go with the salt after a while, I think meds is the last resort for me, salt being the middle resort, seemed I kind of had to try the AQ salt to help him heal up but it didnt help which really stinks :/
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