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Unhappy Fish Troubles

So I've had my betta, Helios, for 7 months now, and he has been very healthy up until the past month or so.
Care information:
I have him in a two gallon filtered tank and change the water weekly. I usually use:
2 gallons of Poland Springs water
1ml of fungus guard
2ml of Prime water conditioner
1tsp of API aquarium salt

I clean out the marbles, silk plant, and inside of the tank VERY thoroughly with scorching hot water to kill any bacteria before I put the water and other ingredients in.

However, having said this, no matter how good I seem to clean the tank, or how precisely I make sure I put in all the right things, as soon as I put him in his tank now he immediately gets a fin rot infection, and I just get the feeling that he's not as happy as I've seen him in the past.

As soon as he gets the fin rot, I usually put him in a small, 1 gallon quarantine tank with no filter and give him all the usual conditioners and salts etc that I give him in the 2 gallon.
What I've seen is that his fin rot clears away much faster and stays gone and he seems to be more spritely overall. But as soon as I think "okay, he's ready to go back to his regular tank now" and put him in, the fin rot will come back immediately, no matter how much I clean out the tank with hot water before hand.

I want him to be happy and healthy and I'm just not sure what the problem could be. I don't want to downgrade him to the smaller 1 gallon tank for good, but I also don't want him to be sick in his bigger filtered tank.

Does anyone have any ideas about what the problem might be and how I can fix it?

Please let us know,
Kaleigh & Helios
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Hey there Kaleigh :)

Are you completely positive its finrot you're dealing with? Because you say its a filtered tank and he seems to always get 'finrot' in this tank, I'm thinking it could be the filter taring up his fins. What sort of filter are you using? Is it at all baffled?
He also could be biting...what tail type is he? Any chance you could post a picture of the damage?

Also, a couple other things I noticed....
Any particular reason you're using spring water? Generally plain ol' tap water with a good conditioner like Prime should be all you need.
Also, as regular maintenance on a healthy fish, you should be adding nothing besides conditioner to your water. Uselessly medicating, even as a 'preventative', can often do much more harm then good and being in water with AQ salt constantly long-term can cause a bettas kidneys to fail.

Alos, I didn't hear you mention a you have a heater for him?
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He may be biting off his own fins, which is common. Longer finned bettas will do that because they feel the weight of the fins and the drag it causes, so they will break off pieces to make swimming easier. Especially in a filtered small tank.

Sorry if I repeat... ^

Is your filter baffled?

As far as your routine-

Using spring/bottled water is not ideal, as it lacks the minerals the fish need that comes in tap water. Use tap water with your Prime, it is healthier than bottled.

Stop using the fungus guard, as over use of chemicals can be detrimental to their tiny organs. It won't truly prevent fungus from forming, but instead cause the fungus to become immune to the ingredients so if it is ever truly needed, the medication won't be as beneficial.

AQ salt should not be placed in there unless you are doing a true treatment for external issues.. even still you would have to use it in a certain manner to make it a bit safer for the betta- 1-3tsp per gallon, daily 100% water change, no longer than 10 days in salt, predissolved.. over use of salt will lead to kidney/liver failure. Bettas are freshwater and should only be placed in salt when it is absolutely needed. As with the medications, the bacteria will become resistant to the salt and therefor make it not work as it should.

If you are noticing missing pieces right away, then that is definitely him biting his fins from either stress or too much of a current. If you can post a picture it will help us make sure it is/isn't rot.
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