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Old 10-16-2012, 10:33 PM   #1 
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october 2012 photoshoot

Hey guys, it's been a while since I last visited here! I decided to take some photos of my fishies to update. Some news:

- Florence died right before we moved, she jumped out of her tank.
- Peach died of a fungus that killed her overnight.
- Vanilla died of dropsy.
- Jezebel decided to be a rebel like Florence, and jumped out of her tank.
- I bought a baby cambodian crowntail girl that died a week or so ago, from overfeeding. Apparently I dropped too many pellets in the tank and she just burst. But at least she died happy, I think.

Luckily the rest of them are doing well. Demi recently caught the same fungus virus that Peach had, but I caught it in time and she's in recovery. She's doing really well. Gabriel acquired a recent tumor that has been growing on his back, and I'm not certain what it is (see post in fish illnesses) but he's still kicking regardless. One of my tanks literally broke and the half the water drained out overnight, but I found it and saved the three fish inside. A few ups and downs here and there but the rest of them are doing well. More than a little divider hopping has been done, and a lot of fights have taken place, but no casualties. I found these $7 tank lids at Walmart, and I'm in the process of getting all of my tanks these lids to prevent further jumps. Just the other night, Little Red decided he'd hop his new tank I just put him in and flop about on the desk a bit, I had to pick him up by his tail and throw him back in, and he was apparently so disgusted by me touching his tail that he decided to nibble it right off. Jericho and Flamenco both have gotten rid of their gorgeous fins, mostly from hopping dividers and brawling it out with their tankmates. My babies Marie and Josie are all grown up, and eggy like nobody's business. I still miss Soldier, Flair, Viper, Orlando, and all the rest.

Anyway! on to the photos.

Here is Piccolo, a new addition. He's a dalmatian, and his spots are oranger in the right light.

Viking, nomming on food I just gave him.

I try to take a picture of every single one of my fish, but Josie wouldn't hold still.

Eggy little Violet. I gotta clean that, ugh.

Perseus! Another of my dalmatians.

Ichabod says hello.

Little Marie has all grown up.

Here's Little Guy, one of three LFS cube-rescues. The others are Little Red and Tiny, but I have Louie too, who keeps getting grouped up with the cube-rescues because he was feeling icky in his store cup and I bought him around the same time too.

Here's Canary, and you can see some of the really pretty blue/violet highlights in his tail from here.

Jezebel, who decided to eat her fins off one night. Now she just looks like a tadpole. /laugh

Here's Blueberry, and some of his poop /sigh. His fins are all messed up because he decided to hop a divider and fight one of his tankmates, and he's in a temp tank because their tank busted.

Here's Caspian, who has been with me for over a year (:

Pierce, the fish I've had the longest. I put him in a temp tank cause he was acting lethargic a few days ago, but I'm beginning to think he was just sleepy, because he's acted fine since.

Shasta! Who is suffering a weird bump in the side, but who acts pretty normal. I'm putting up a thread after this to ask about it. It's on the other side.

Here's Flamenco. (: That stuff on there is actually glue, from where I had a bit of a struggle putting his divider in. And then there's some drips I need to wipe off.

Pretty little Phoenix, who totally freaked out when I started taking pics of him.

Here's Little Red (and poor lighting). You can see where he nibbled his fins off after his little escapade out of the tank the other night.

Hippie is still trucking too <3 He's looking really pretty lately.

Cobra has always been shy, which is a shame, because he appears black in normal light, but under flash he has a gorgeous red and green shimmer I wish I could catch.

No idea what Navajo is doing here.

Here's Demi, who is still recovering from a fungus. You can see a little of it.

More Canary.

Louie, who reminds me of Soldier.

Mom's Cherroke! You can see where one of his fins is colored and the other isn't.

Jericho <3 whose fins are growing back.

Haha, Roxanne is literally adorable.

The focus isn't great, but here's Cupid.

Here's Tiny, being lovely.

Oh! I caught Cherroke flaring at me.
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Old 10-17-2012, 08:05 AM   #2 
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Location: Montréal, Canada
All very pretty bettas. But OMG how many tanks do you have? How much time do you spend cleaning them every day? Seems like a lot of work.
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Old 10-17-2012, 12:20 PM   #3 
hmckin20's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: In a pineapple
thanks! (: i have ten tanks in total. eight 10Gs and 2 20Gs, plus three half gallons for quarantine, which I have three fish in right now (Shasta, Gabriel, and Blueberry) but I have three three gallons that I'll be upgrading them to if they feel better soon. Then I have Demi in quarantine just because of that fungus but she usually goes in one of my 10gs with two other girls.

i usually break down water changes between two days, so five tanks per day, and it's not that troublesome. gravel vacs get done once every two weeks. (there for a while i was doing it too often and completely messing up my water chemistry.) i do yoga right before and changing water is kind of like an exercise routine. haha

the only time it gets really hard is if a bunch get sick at the same time. like one of them need to be quarantined for nibbling on his fins, or somebody else has a fungus, and then i'm like omg where i do put you all. (luckily that hasn't happened recently.) but i have an entire room for them (and soon racks too!) and a bunch of plastic containers from the dollar store that are suitable for temporary tanks. i just have to be careful with those because they build up ammonia easier, since their chemistry isn't established like the other tanks. Gabe's seen some ammonia burns because I didn't change his water soon enough, but we're fixing that.

i'm kind of a loner so i usually have lots of time for them.
That said, I'm not buying anymore any time soon. xD Nor do I plan on exceeding how many I have now ever again.

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Old 10-17-2012, 01:35 PM   #4 
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Beautiful fish! I really love Hippie! But sooo many tanks O.O
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Old 10-18-2012, 07:40 AM   #5 
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Location: Montréal, Canada
Lol, that's a lot of work but at least they have a great owner who takes care of them. I had to ask because I have 3 tanks and I thought it was already a lot. Haha guess I was wrong. Good job with those little fishies! If you can take a picture of your fishroom that would be awesome. I'd love to see how you're organized. I plan to have a fish room one day.
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Old 10-18-2012, 04:31 PM   #6 
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Those are some amazing colors, good pictures.
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Old 10-18-2012, 04:44 PM   #7 
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Wow! Major props for taking on so many tanks! The 3rd picture kinda had me confused for a sec cuz of the angle lol. You have lots of nice fish too! I would love and not love having that many tanks.. xD And I like cherokee's lil fins because one has A LOT of color and the other has none lol
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Cherroke is adorable
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Location: In a pineapple
thanks guys! :'D

@gen: sure! C: i'll tidy up this saturday (sometimes i leave towels and containers sitting around..xD) and take some pictures for you. :3

@leo: yeah xD she wouldn't hold still and i had to go with what i got. josie's always been busy, even when she was like half a centimeter long xD & cherroke is such a cutie with his weird fin colors.
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