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Originally Posted by LadyVictorian View Post
Aquarius: That was the first thing I thought of when I saw him, the Within Temptation song, mostly the line "I need you Aquarius) which is how i ended up buying him...guess I really needed him. xD

Phoenix: I got her and honestly she looked like death, she was just a baby and knocking on deaths door. I didn't think she would make it the night but in the morning after having been in nice clean water she was a new fish. I sort of say she died in the night and was reborn a new fish into a new from the ashes of her past rose a beautiful strong Phoenix.
That's an awesome name and an awesome story to go along with it - Phoenix. Very cute! Glad she made it.
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She amazed even me and boy does her will to survive fit her. She's a pistol. Certainly likes to think the world revolves around her and has a very high prey drive. She LOVES to hunt live food. I am still shocked she is the same grey little baby i brought home who wasn't moving or eating and pretty much having tea with the I think the Reaper would fear her if he showed up again, she would chase him down.
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Talking My fish stories

Chops - Originally, I went to the pet store to buy a guinea pig and I wanted to name him Chops. But, my boyfriend convinced me to buy a fish instead, because they don't smell, or poop every where, or make weird noise, haha. That was his logic, anyway. SO I got Chops the FISH instead of Chops the Guinea Pig.
I'm not sure where Claudia came from. I just liked the name and it seemed like a 'Mistress' name lol, and she is a breeder female.
Felix means happy in Latin, and my little crowntail is a very happy fish. He follows my finger around and even eats his bloodworms off of my fingertip.
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Dirk: I'm a huge Dragon's Lair fan, and Dirk was red and silver, like Dirk's (the Dirk in Dragon's Lair) armor

Picasso: I wanted a fish named after a famous artist, plus Picasso (the fish) was mostly blue. (You know, that time when Picasso (the artist) painted only with blue?)

Rubin: Well, when I saw him I wanted to call him Red (who knows why) but I decided to jazz it up a bit. (Rubin means 'Ruby' (yes, it is a girls name but also Rubin's color) in Swedish.
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Finntan - He is named after the Irish folklore "salmon of knowledge" :3
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