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Originally Posted by BeautifulBetta123 View Post
Oops spelled it wrong lol a community tank sounds nice!
yer its awesome some really neat fish in there look at me tank to the left of this comment
look at main DT (display tank)

some of the fish in there are 2x silver sharks / 2x clown loach / 2x glass cat fish and many more

let me know what ya think
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Today was the best day ever! First I went to a volley ball tournament. We lost ever game :( I got the most delicous lunch from a resturant I can't remember the name of. I went to the new pet smart and purchased proper lighting for a natural planted tank, new plants including java fern, water wisteria, and moneywort. I also purchased another heater. And drum roll dadadadada a brand new super pretty, super awesome, super wonderful Female betta! She was a gift from the totally awesome Dad. Her name is Calypso and she is a beautiful green - blue color I love her! I will post pics as soon as possible! Hope your guys day was as great as mine!
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Originally Posted by BeautifulBetta123 View Post
So here I shall journal all about my life it is kind of boring lol.
So first a little about me:
-I LOVE horses
-I LOVE bettas
-I LOVE all animals
I own myself 1 smelly cat named Milo he reeks when he takes a dump! Throws up all over, pees on my moms expensive hiking sleeping bag the day before she leaves, literally screams at me for food, has whole conversations with me (maybe I'll post a video), and gives the best snuggles ever! He is so love-able lol.
My horse is a papered arabian x quarter horse her name is Saarah (means princess in Arabic) She is a stuck up, willing to learn, super flexible (she can kick you with her hind feet and bite you at the same time) brat with an attitude, he is only 1 year old.
My fish who is super sensitive and gets mad at me really easy but is the sweetest least aggressive betta ever. He won't even flare at his reflection. And my moms horse named Destiny who I ride, she is a super smart, super sensitive, super crazy mare, who acts like a stud when another mare walks by lol so weird. I have the strangest pets ever! I am 12 years old have the same birthday as my least favorite teacher. Am super tall like 5'2 - 5'4 and 80 pounds I am constantly teased about how skinny I am. I want to rescue and breed bettas both hobbies are half-way set up. I have a whole room to myself for my fish am super hard working and dedicated. I also will be jumping my horse in the future. This is basically my life.
HI! Have you read my thread on horses?
I had an American QH and have a german warmblood hanoverian gelding, and a pony :)

I ride english, western, bareback, and everything in-between! Glad to see there are some horse people on here! My life is horses!
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Location: Hogwarts
You already said that on this thread myrainbowbettafish lol must have forgot.
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