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More lingo to learn lol rose tail?
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I do not have any males as of now showing signs of being "Rosetail" I have not culled one male yet. I don't consider "Rosetail" to be a defect I think it is a very attractive fin type. I would not want to lock in a line of Rosetail but I would not cull because of it.

It is going to be a hard choice because they all have desirable qualities. I am looking at "comb tail", "King Crown" and "Halfsun" I am going to try and improve on and lock in the "Halfsun" trait, I'll breed best male to best female and hopefully strengthen the trait.
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I agree with you completely. I really love how the tail looks but it seems like alot of people don't agree with breeding them. Originally I had bought his sibling but I think I'm going to breed out a generation and hopefully my results will be as good as yours are. Your spawn is absolutely gorgeous!! Congrats.
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O.O Amazing fish!
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I love halfsuns! Good luck on the line!
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I love the guy in #7 as well. They're all gorgeous (as well as the parents).
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Originally Posted by bhali333 View Post
Hi Guy's,

Here are some of my males at 10 weeks old. I am pretty sure I will get some "Halfsun" tails out of the bunch.

I think they look pretty nice but I might be a biased grandparent :)

I have been selling the females like hot cakes I am only keepin 2 maybe three for myself to try and further the Halfsun line. I think all in all a successful spawn!!

Let me know what you guy's think of the males.

Attachment 66576

Attachment 66577

Attachment 66578

Attachment 66579

Attachment 66580

Attachment 66581

Attachment 66582

Attachment 66583

Attachment 66584

Attachment 66585

Attachment 66586

Attachment 66587

Attachment 66588

Attachment 66589

Attachment 66590

Attachment 66591


Hmmm... my 10 week old or close 10 week old Male Betta's seems to not have finnage as long as those....?

There fins are more like round and short... perhaps mine have short genes... Though the male and female is not really short fins at all... There are some females from the spawn That I defiantly know that are long finned (Delta,HM.... mostly Super Deltas to regular Deltas).... Though there is these two males that their tails rarely show any long finnage..... perhaps its a PK gene in the parents that they got...

But your Betta's are sooo nice.... from the 180 to there forms... still so nice... and the colors seem intriguing...
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