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Demetria's New Home!!!

I am happy to say that I am even closer to being finished with my female Betta, Demetria's tank!

She's in a 2.5 glass tank, with a newly added air stone! She loves it. First I had it in her cave to create a curtain, but when she went to investigate, she stuck her face in the cave and got a nose full of bubbles. You would have thought she saw the boogy-man, she swam away so fast! I nearly fell over laughing.

In light of that, I moved the stone to behind the cave and there is a nice little trickle of bubbles in her tank. I had attached a gang valve to control the air, so it isn't very strong. I went to the local pet store and scored four valves and a sponge filter(for a large tank) all for three bucks, which is great because I am on a limited budget these days.

I am wanting to get a small sponge filter set up in her tank, but I have to build it, which means more parts! Yay! I had a conversation with one of the employees at the pet store (who ironically keeps trying to steer me to the most expensive filters. lol) and she was telling me that it is easier to buy ready made filters. I say that it is easier to pick up a part here and a part there, esp when you don't have much money. I am going to be watching the papers for garage sales etc, since the 10 Gal. tank I am working towards setting up, was given to me. I have everything but the filtration system and a hood for it. And I am not sure that the heater works. But I am excited since I haven't had a full aquarium set up in such a long time. (I gave away all my stuff years ago.... dumb thing to do, I guess. Plus I always had goldfish and not bettas) I am hesitant to put a power filter in my tank and try to baffle it, so we will see what I end up doing.

I am taking ideas down for a theme for my 10 Gal. Pirates or Castles? I don't know. I have a lot to do. First the metal stand has to be sanded and painted, as it is covered with rust. It has been rainy for the last few days, so hopefully when the sun comes out I can get it done.

Needless to say, I am excited to keep improving my fishies homes. : )
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good for you, I also had a break from keeping fish for about 2 years, but i never could bring myself to let go of any tanks. as for themes it really depends on your personality or the look you are trying to go for. in planning my 20l i am thinking about painting a mural on the back.
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Location: Wabash, Indiana
Oh! That sounds like a great idea for painting a mural! I paint too, never thought of painting a tank! What kind of paint would you use?
I have one of those backings that you can buy for so many cents an inch and it is ok. I have it on my 2.5 Gal. It made the water look cloudy, but I had also used different water than I am used to, so I think I need to do a 100% change sooner than my normal weekly. But she's due for a 50% anyways.
I have two other Bettas in gallon bowls and I change their water so much I can't wait to have them in bigger tanks. I know they will like it too.
I like having people I can talk to about Bettas. My family rolls their eyes at me that I have three fish I can't put all in one tank. They think it is a waste of time, but I love my babies!
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