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You could not have a hybrid between a mouthbrooding betta and a bubblenesting betta species. It is practically impossible as the methods of spawning are very dissimilar.

There are bridging species that can alternate between mouthbrooding and bubblenesting (my rutilans and brownorum do) but I don't believe they can successfully hybridise outside of their complex.

I believe Betta splendens can only be crossed with species of the splendens complex, so smaragdina, imbellis and mahachai. However, a cross of these would as someone mentioned probably create a smaller fish, not a bigger one.

I believe it is just selection of larger fish that has led to the creation of giants and king bettas, not hybridising between species.

Also this is me talking from experience. I own mouthbrooders and bubblenesters so I have seen firsthand the differences in courtship and spawning.
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Originally Posted by registereduser View Post
Was he dark when you got him? Also at Petco the kings are always clamped and so is your guy, is that just how they are?

That pic is from the very first day I got him, so he was never dark. He's always been pink/purple/blue and his color has gotten richer since then. As far as them all having clamped fins, I don't know. I have only ever had the one King betta and his fins spread out very nicely now. I think he was just nervous or something that first day. He could barely turn around in the tiny cup he was in so maybe that has something to do with the fins? I really need to get a better picture of him but he swims so dang fast and loves to dart in and out of his hiding spots and plants that it's been impossible so far. :)
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Originally Posted by Hallyx View Post
My first Petco King was a huge pink sausage of a fish with baby blue fins. He couldn't fit in his cup. That made him 3 in-long body only. He was subjected to too much ammonia at the store; only lasted a day.

My second one (my avatar) was a 2.5 inch-long (BO) cuddlebun who loved the camera. Came from Petco with internal parasites, got a little bloated one day and died in 24 hours. I've heard they can have tender tummies, but that's anecdotal; not supported by a lot of evidence.

My current King (I never learn) is only 1.5 inches right now. As feisty as the other was laid-back, he's an incredible dark copper color with so much iridescence the camera can't even reproduce the color accurately.

I've seen a blue and white marble dragon with red/white fins, a dusty grey/black with bright blue rays, two slightly greenish dragons with red/white/blue fins and a perfect classic white dragon with dark red fins (on hold or he would have been mine). And that's in a small-town Petco where, at my urging, they now keep their Kings each in a 20g with the platys, tetras and other ditherfish, so they're fully colored-up and active.

There's all kinds of information on giants on the Google machine---other fora and lots of articles. Try BettySplendens.

Good for you! I think I will suggest they do something else with the Kings at my Petco too. Mine could barely turn around in his cup when I got him and he wasn't even the biggest one there!
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