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Can you repeat an AQ salt treatment?

I already did a 10 day AQ salt treatment for moonie and hes been salt free for about 3 days now...a huge part of tail looks like it went through a chopper...I can tell now it deffinitely is not tail nipping...I dont want to use meds and he already has IAL leaves and daily 70% water changes...Hes had a few days off from AQ salt should I repeat the AQ salt treatment?

His water perams are fine
His temp is 78
He acts and eat fine
Hes unfiltered in a hospital tank of 1.5-2 gallons.
He has an IAL leaf and Stress Coat added at each water change
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If its just damage and not rot or secondary infection-
I would recommend clean/dechlorinated tannin water treatment-Keep him in the unfiltered tank-making 50% water changes with the premixed tannin water daily for 4 days-Then every other day for 4 days-Then 3 times a week for the next month. Good nutrition-good quality varied diet fed in small frequent meals and if you have live mosquito larva offer several a couple of times a day to boost protein intake to promote healing and immune response.

It can take weeks to months for the fins to heal and re-grow. Depending on the cause, degree of damage, genetic, age, overall health and nutrition-Sometimes it can take longer and the fins may not ever look the same or return to their full glory.

If you don't have a secondary going on-patience, water quality and nutrition are about all you can do.

As for salt treatment-if I need to repeat-I like to wait 5 days before I start again-this can also vary depending on what is going on.
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These are some pics if it helps...

After 10 days of AQ salt treatment the dorsal grew back quickly and looks like its coming in great

This is the new damage as of today...
Today it looks like a nip but yesterday it was deffinitely a shredded mess that didnt look like a nip at all, so I think the shreds either fell off or he was unconfortable with them and possibly nips them off, but hes been under observation for nipping and ive yet to ever catch him nip or show signs of it...I know before the shredding took place that part of the tail did look clear and weak.
There are two other areas of his tail that also appear clear and weak but have yet to shred...

I woud think if his dorsal was healing so well the rest of him would be healthy...its so puzzling!
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