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Feeding frozen daphnia

I got some Hikari frozen daphnia last time I went to Petsmart. I like to vary up my boys diet. They get Omega One pellets (staple diet) about 1-2 times per week a freeze dried bloodworm, a small piece of shrimp (about the size of a large pellet) and now I have this daphnia.

I'm wondering, how do I feed it to them? One block is way too much food for both boys to eat, as much as they think they need it. I've only gave it to them 1 time before. I put 1 block in a baggie, thawed the cube and just took a pinch and put it in. I have no idea how much each fish ate, but they did eat some.

I have a syringe (the kind you use for liquid medicine for babies and things like that) that is measured in mL. I use it to measure out Stress Coat and things like that but I can always wash it in hot water. Could I use this to feed them? Then what do I do with the used cube after? Before I just threw it away but there was stuff still leftover and I don't want to waste any :/.

Sorry, never fed frozen food before, haha.
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I'm not sure about daphnia, but with frozen blood worms, others say that they just cut a little off the frozen cube with a knife or grate some off with a cheese grater, then thaw that little bit. I suppose you could do the same thing with daphnia. If you do thaw the whole cube, you have to throw away the unused portions, as you do with all frozen animal foods, to prevent feeding them spoiled food and getting them sick.
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I use a sharp knife to 1/2 the cube or quarter it (depends on the food), I put the unused portion back in the packet & back into the freezer. I have a small measuring cup that I put some tank water in, let the amount to be fed melt & I use a spoon to portion out the food into each tank, I have currently have 4 tanks so I portion it depending on the tank.
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