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rapid deterioration

i'm really worried about one of my fish!!! I have had a beautiful fire red half moon for about 3 weeks. He has been a perfectly healthy beautiful fish since day one but yesterday when i was changing his water, out of nowhere he took a flying leap out of the tank. i've heard that betas can be jumpers, but neither of mine ever indicated a penchant for jumping. anyways, he landed on the counter and was flopping around so much that i had a hard time netting him and getting him back in the water. The rest of the day he pretty much stayed at the bottom of the tank and if i did get him to move he became frantic and spastic. The point of all this is that today his fin deterioration is horrifying! there is a giant chunk missing from his rear fin, the top one is either shriveled to almost nothing or he is keeping it really tightly closed and his underbelly is shredded. did this happed from trauma or did he maybe get something on him that has irritated him when he was on the counter? WHAT DO I DO?? will he pull out of this?? i can't believe how quickly he went downhill! (i should note that he still seems to have a healthy appetite and he seems to be kind of working on a new bubble nest).
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Oh No! not again..this is like the third post this month with jumping Bettas...You have a heater and filter in your tank right...cause your water will HAVE TO Be 78-80 Degrees F...Do your water changes every other day ..keep the water clean as he may have wounds and be suseptable to bacterial infection..if no sign of infection ( just the fin tears as you mentioned) use a mild medication called "Bettafix" to help repair his fins and fight infection..When you do your water changes use "Stresscoat " AND a water conditioner/Dechlorinator..and good Luck..Keep us posted
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